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A lot of people may have heard or seen a lot of personal   shoppers/stylists, wardrobe consultants advertise themselves on social media and blogs, but somehow can’t seem to figure out what these professionals are about, or how the services they render might be of benefit to public.

And as we all know, Nigeria is becoming very fashion conscious, people are concerned and aware of how they look, even more seek to give their self image a boost; either by DIY or paying more attention to trends. However, we know how difficult and stressful it could be to pair up outfits with the right accessories, shoes etc everyday. You either have to be very bold and imaginative enough, be original, a professional, or a talented trendy person who constantly keeps up on ways on how to look good. Unfortunately very few people have the time, creativity, or motivation for it. However, just like every human craving, necessity must be met. Consulting has proven to be the fastest and easiest way to meet these needs. That is why we at Epiphanyxxix are committed to providing services where we typically help clients make clothing style choices appropriate to a variety of situations, including personal and business settings, and often make recommendations on general appearance.

 Here are a few of the roles we play.

Personal Shopper

In need of a new outfit, a fresh wardrobe? Easy! Clients can purchase any one of our customizable, personal shopping packages that fit their budget.

Style Concierge

Epiphanyxxix offers weekly/monthly subscriptions to three levels of personal styling services, which you can easily start and cancel whenever you like.

Closet Styling

 Lets help you use “What’s In Your Closet” to define the things you already own and love, so we can start styling you right away!

Style Advice

Need some style advice for that big event, or while you’re out shopping and unsure of what to buy? Send your match up photos or questions for real-time style advice on-the-go.

At Epiphanyxxix, we pay attention to our clients Style needs, work with their body type including other factors that are very essential when it comes to fashion.

Contact us on: / / pin: 2BC59A80

We would also like to use this opportunity to wish our old and new clients a happy new month and happy holidays and to say a big thank you for entrusting us with handling your shopping and wardrobe revamping. It’s been tasking and fun all the way.

Epiphanyxxix is offering clients a 5% discount on their service charge from the 1st December 2014 – 2nd Janurary, 2015 🙂 😉 🙂

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 Don’t be selfish oo. Its Christmas season. spread the love by spreading the word. LOL *kisses*


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Grace Gigi

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