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Don’t You Just Hate It When….

By March 11, 2016August 18th, 201737 Comments



There I was lying in bed the other night, texting and scrolling through feeds on Instagram when…


My phone fell flat on my face and it hurt. A startled me with eyes wide open, rubbing my nose, goes *huh, how*? Apparently, I must have fallen asleep. *sigh*. After cussing and all, I laughed at myself a lil and thought this would make a good blog post (the content struggle is real yo). I know there are things that happen that make us go arrrrgh…

Today’s post, I’m sharing a few of the things that happen or have happened to me I absolutely hate but  are kinda funny too.

Don’t you just hate it when…


You’re washing your hair in the shower and soap gets into your eyes? That ish stings like crazy.


You plug in your phone to charge and hours later you go to check if your battery is full and buhahahaha, you realise you didn’t turn on the socket or push in the charger head properly.


I am more than a 100% sure that I am not the only one who cant stand this. Sending someone a long text (could be a heartfelt one too) only to get ‘K’ as a response. Now this one really grinds my gears and my sister is a major culprit.


Yes, this happens to me but fortunately not as often as looking for a pen kept behind my ears. I sometimes forget my glasses in my hair and go nuts searching the whole place for them.


I have no words for this one partly cos I know I am guilty as I tend to snore (ever so lightly) when I’ve had a pretty long and rough day and I am dead tired, but Imagine having to deal with people who snore every night. Boy oh boy!

The list can go on and on and on but I’m leaving it to you guys to share things that grind your gears using the comment box below.

Have an amazing weekend loves.

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Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • Toni says:

    Mine will be waking up very early to go out and leaving the house 2 hours later than you planned only to find out you were not really doing anything while you were at home (Where did the time go?)

  • June Ud says:

    1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th….arghhhhh!!! Especially sending a text and then i get ‘k’ as a response…(‘kk’ is slightly bearable but it depends on if my text wasn’t a heartfelt text or i’m in that mood). That’s just it for me. I call it a day…i wont even pick up my phone to start a chat with you after that day except you do so.

    BeautifullyJune Blog

  • kelechi says:

    Hahaha the soap in the eyes is very true and the nose too, that one makes me sneeze like crazy, then the charging experience happened recently, there was no light all through the day and when it was eventually restored, I quickly ran and plugged my phone, after like 1hour phcn ceased the light again and i catwalked to take my phone only for me to notice that i didn’t plug it well, my sister i almost ran mad.

  • Lol! Nice post.

    Most of these things get under my skin. Another one that happens to me far too often is when I forget something at home. It’s usually something important and I have to go back to get it. This usually happens because I’m rushing to leave in the first place. I end up being later than I intended. 🙁

    Have a good weekend.

  • TANG says:

    See I can’t even start to list, a lot of things get me annoyed I swear so I’ve started overlooking most of them cos I can’t be getting frustrated every time. LOL

  • laezi laze says:

    Mine would be when I set an alarm for 7am and it goes off…then I wake up and reset to 7:30. Only to wake up at 9am and realise I set it for 7:30..PM! Hashtag dead! lol

  • Uju Ayalogu says:

    Err, my major pet peeve is being touched. Especially in a market or by sweaty people.
    Another pet peeve is when someone I’m sharing a room with spreads out completely over the bed leaving no space for me. I once kicked, pulled and carried my brother out of my bed because of this.

    • Grace Gigi says:

      I feel you on the being touched part. my mum made a comment last night on it regarding me. Market people are the worst. Oh dear your brother never hessperredit

  • Berry Dakara says:

    I got soap in my eye on Monday or Tuesday. I didn’t find it funny cos it hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • francis says:

    It’s NEPA. Or is that PHCN??? U start the gen, they bring the light 6 mins after, off goes the gen and on goes the AC. They take the light 15mins after. Off goes the AC, on goes the gen. The bring the light 10 mins after. Off goes the gen, on goes the AC. They take the light 7mins after…I’m getting a machete and paying a friendly visit to their local office

  • Nedoux says:

    Hi Grace,

    Lol @ “The content struggle is real”, funny how real life random situations initiate interesting posts.

    Number one pet peeve: When a person with body/mouth odour is oblivious of the havoc that they causing to my senses. 😀

    Have a lovely weekend.

  • New Dawn says:

    Getting water in my ears during shower, plugged phone issue, forget something at home, rush back and search for it for about 5mins, still can’t find it, give up and set out again, only to later find out that it was in my bag the whole time!

  • Demilade says:

    Haha I can so relate to all of this, especially the getting a K reply after writing a long paragraph lol. xx

  • Sandra says:

    My phone falls on my face too often! The other day it bruised my lip against my teeth. So annoying.

  • How’bout having something nasty on your nose. Then you’re wasting the air freshner spray because you’re thinking your room has a bad smell. Lolzz..

    Nice post. Totally worth my noon break.

  • sogie says:

    I feel ya on the content struggle lol.
    Soap in eyes so annoying, charger situation I can totally relate. I hate looking for my glasses and finding out it was on my face all along…it happens.
    Looking for the TV remote or my phone…basically looking for things when I need em.
    I also hate people who use shorthand in messages when it’s not needed….thats just you not knowing how to spell.

  • Theresa says:

    This post just cracked me up…???? Kills me when I get lol after a long ass text. But charle, what you go do???

  • NK says:

    Just like the charger thingy, put a kettle to boil on the cooker and get busy doing some other stuff. The light gets interrupted and you feel the water has heated enough only to see that the switch’s still waiting to be turned on. Going somewhere and at the bus stop, it takes forever to get a bus going your way because the whole world is at the bus stop waiting to board the SAME bus that day. Makes you wanna go back home and STAY HOME!

  • Lade says:

    Haha… my phone has been falling on my face/body too many times of recent. I can be having an interesting chat, next minute im

  • Yetunde BeAdorned! says:

    oh my! the most annoying is the ‘k’ part, I mostly feel like seeing that person at the moment and yabbing the daylight outta him/her. It’s just so annoying and ridiculous. another is wen some random and unknown pple pop up on ur whatsapp and use ‘I’ for ‘Hi’. jeez. I block such pple instantly, no chance whatsoever. In summary, unnecessary abbreviations tend to irritate me. Then the phone charging part and having to watch a funny vid on Instagram but it will refuse to play even with 3G o. LOL. Nice blog-post Grace.

  • bennymakachi says:

    I hate when I really need to check something on net like…right now, and the network decides to crawl. I hate when some spot I love hanging out becomes drab because, the management won’t maintain it properly. If I go on…

  • That charging phone happens to me all the time. Especially when the generator is running and fuel is limited. You’d wake up the next morning to realize your phone went from 10% to 2%

  • Chic Therapy says:

    The worst is when someone responds with “k”. That response upsets my soul. I absolutely cannot stand it. Ugh!

  • Ursula says:

    oh dear lord!!! hahahaha…the content struggle yo!! I feel you boo. But this is epic. The soap in eye thing and charger has happened a few times. But when a person drags a chair on the ground and it makes that shrrkkkkkk sound…argghhhhh… i feel like screaming!!

  • Kainos says:

    Oh God! Stepping on someone else’s chewed gum is just the worst for me. Once, I stepped on two. I had to stop walking, look up to the clouds and cry” why?!!!”

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