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DIY Sunglasses Pouch

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Hey Guys!

I get pretty upset when I have to go out and I don’t have a pouch to put my sunglasses in. They end up getting scratched or even broken, So to help me in my plight, I decided to make pouches for the pairs of sunglasses that didn’t have.

It is a very simple/easy process and takes just about 3-5minutes.

DIY Sunglasses Pouch…DIY Sunglasses Pouch

For this project you will need:

  • A small piece of fabric
  • Elastic
  • scissors
  • safety pin
  • office pins
  • sewing machine or Needle and thread.

If you don’t know how to sew using a sewing machine, worry not. You can sew by hand. Now to the easy steps.

Step 1.

Place your sunglasses on the fabric and mark out your desired size. It is important to leave enough sewing room and space for the sunglasses too so don’t make your pouch too small and not too big too.

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Step 2.

Cut off the excess fabric. Remember not to cut off too much or else your pouch will become too small and your sunglasses wont fit in.

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Step 3.

Fold your fabric right sides facing each other, then fold the top part over half an inch (or an inch depending on the size of your elastic or ribbon). Pin in place.


DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Step 4.

Now read this part carefully. sew the folded top fabric first (you have to place your fabric flat to do this). Then fold again and sew the two ends of the fabric skipping the beginning by half an inch. Got that?

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Step 5.

Depending on how tight you want the opening of your DIY sunglasses pouch to be, cut your elastic band (length) and use a safety-pin to secure it. Pass the elastic through the space left at the top. Don’t forget to secure the other end.

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Sew the two ends of the elastic band together, then close (sew) the opening and voila, you have your sunglasses pouch. Easy peasy right?

DIY Sunglasses Pouch


Kisses loves!!!

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  1. This is actually really creative girl. I never thought of this but honestly a lot of my sunglasses need pouches so I’m going to try this. And the great part is that is can be hand sewn which is perfect.

    Princess Audu

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