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DIY – Crochet Braids.

DIY – Crochet Braids.

Hi Guys!!!

Been a minute or two yea? Well, I got robbed a few days ago at ‘knife point’. Everything I had on me was taken, phones et al. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, some more personal stuff followed and i’ve been sulking ever since.

Even though I feel like dementors have sucked out the happiness in me, I’m trying to stay positive.

On to todays post. I made up my mind to install the crochet braids myself when I called my stylist and she charged me N6,500. Say what now. I got so annoyed, I took to youtube and watched enough videos. By the time I was done, I was feeling like a pro. I got the necessary things needed for my crochet braids and set to work on Saturday.

My first ever DIY.


  • Expression attachment.
  • Coconut oil for my scalp and to oil the attachment.
  • Denman Brush.
  • Crochet Hook – Got it for N1,000 from a shop at Ikeja under bridge.
  • Scissors.


DIY3Braid Pattern.

From watching videos on youtube, I learnt that the braid pattern is important. I wanted a pattern that would allow different partings when packing my hair so I opted for this.

I started my hair on Saturday at 1:20pm and by 2pm this is what I had achieved.


 I finally finished crocheting my hair on Sunday at about 11am. By 2pm, I had curled it.

Sad part is, the expression attachement I bought was fake. Arrrrgh!!

DIY5The final look.

I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures to show you all how awesome my hair looks. Blame it on those naughty thieves. But I’m mighty proud of myself on my first DIY.

With all that has happened, I kind of lost track of the dates. My sis only just reminded me that tomorrow is Christmas day. Merry Christmas loves.

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  1. Hi Grace,

    I am so sorry to hear about this horrid incident, I hope you are alright? *hugs*

    Try to stay positive, thank God they only took replaceable things but you are alive and well to eat Christmas rice and chicken. Halleluyah! 😀

    Your hair came out great, well done! I once tried to do DIY crochet braids with Expression Multi, but i got tired after a short while because my arms hurt badly. Lol

    Your shirt has a groovy vintage vibe, I love it.

    Compliments of the season!

  2. Oh no! When? Where? How? I’m sorry you had to go through that.

    Thank God you weren’t harmed though.

    I know things might look bleak now, but find tiny things to be thankful for to lift your spirit up.

    The hair looks nice though – where did you buy the Expressions that they’re fake?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Aww so sorry dear, I’m glad you’re alright!!
    You are fast oo in installing that in 40mins, your hair still looks awesome! Seasons greetings

  4. Sorry dear.
    They have taken all ur problems with them.

    You did mighty good for a first timer.
    Been looking for the crochet needles since forever.
    Email please…cos I wouldlove if u would help me get one…

  5. Sorry about the robbery dear, Thank God you’re alright.
    Your first ever DIY??? And it turned out so nice…Thumbs up…I’m inspired🙋

  6. They can take your material valuables but not your creativity, your spirit, your goals and how awesome you are and will be! Keep going higher and great job with your first DIY

    #IWasThereWhenYouStarted! #BestSeeItfirstCousinOfLife hehehe…

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