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Distressed Tee – Another Easy DIY

Distressed Tee – Another Easy DIY

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Welcome to another DIY post ?

I’m pretty excited about this particular DIY because I love cutout/distressed tops and the idea of creating one is exciting. Kanye beware lol.

Todays DIY is very easy. All you need is;

  • A quality tee shirt that wont fray at the sides. Mine was an inner shirt (dead quality).
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

Step1: Lay your tee on a flat surface, measure vertically the length you want your cutouts to end then draw a horizontal line on that point across the tee. Got it? Awesome!

Distressed tee…Distressed tee

Step2: start measuring 1inch from where you want your cutouts to start from on the horizontal line to where you want them to stop (if you want bigger cutouts use 2inches).

Distressed tee

Step3: From the arm hole section (I advice you start a few inches away from the armhole), start drawing vertical lines to meet with the horizontal line. (On the 1inch markings).

I’m used to drawing straight lines without a ruler ?.

Distressed tee
Step4: With a sharp scissors, cut out your vertical lines. Be careful not to cut through the neck.

Distressed tee

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand your distressed tee is ready!

Distressed tee

Distressed tee

Distressed tee

Distressed tee

Stlye your tee with a nice pair of denim and edgy shoes and you’re good to go.

I started cutting from the armholes and got a wide opening I didn’t like, so I stitched some of the cutouts together and it kind of created a pattern. Love it!

Would you try your hands out on this DIY? You can check out my other DIY here...

PS: If you see Kanye, please tell him I said hi (dodges rotten pepper)…

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Your DIYs are fire love. Lol Kanye really has nothing on you. And those shoes are everything.

    Love it!!!

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