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Demin “N” Prints.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.


Hey Hey Hey!!!

Great weekend? Mine was pretty decent. I stayed at home (as usual) and bonded some more with my nieces. They are growing so fast and are super adorable. I also had time to reflect and appreciate life and God some more.

August 22nd marked my anniversary concerning the major surgery I had as a child. Trust me when I say major surgery, but here I am today living life almost forgetting I ever went through such. I thank God .









Have you ever felt you were doing a piece of clothing great injustice by not wearing it the right way, or at the right time, or to the right place? Well, that’s how I feel about this gorg tribal loose pants. I got it a little while ago and I’ve been saving it for that right time and place. Did I succeed? No. I ended up wearing it to work on Friday and I felt it was a complete waste arrrgh. Oh well, there’s always a next time…

Apart from the fact that it’s loose and very comfortable (don’t you just hate having to adjust your clothes every now and then?), I love the length. It stops right after my ankle and that’s where I like the lengths of my pants/Jeans to stop. Weird right? I know. The color also makes it possible to wear it with different colors of tops but I chose to pair it with my sleeveless denim top which I played with by tucking it in and then out but I prefer the tucked in look.

Where would you wear this out fit to or how would you pair these tribal loose pants?

I’d love to hear from you…

Outfit Deets

Denim Top – Random Buy

Tribal loose pants – The5kshop

Shoes – Gifted

Bag – Obtained from big sis

Accessories: Watch – Fossil (Gift), Bangle – Big sis, necklace – old.


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  1. Lol…I know the feeling..been there a million times…these days I try not to save them for any occasion (yeah right)

    Love the prints and that shoe…very shiny

    Am back…so do check out the blog when you can….and thank God for your life…and your beautiful hair…

  2. Hey Grace,

    The prints are hot! I’ve got my eyes on your denim shirt. Now, I’m looking at the sleeveless denim shirt with fresh eyes , they should be a wardrobe staple as they’d go nicely with most separates and look so comfortable.

    Your poses are really cute, I should start taking notes from you. 🙂

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