Lost luggage is just an opportunity to start afresh – Chris Evans

Especially when the airlines involved are willing to hook up up with a brand new suitcase filled with goodies eh? Lol.


As we all know, the christmas holiday is fast approaching and ’tis the season for flight delays and lost luggage.

Having heard so many tales of lost luggage & having a near experience myself, I decided to put up this post.

The first thing to do when you suspect or realize your luggage has gone missing is:

  • Don’t panic – it’s not uncommon for luggage to be checked onto a later flight, particularly in the case of connecting flights where the bags take slightly longer to transfer through the airport than you do. So stay calm.
  • File a complaint – Find the nearest airline counter and file a missing luggage complaint. A form will be handed over to you for this. Fill the form with accurate details.
  • Be calm and polite – Yes, it’s your luggage and you’re the affected party, but believe me when I say the airline officials can be a nightmare if they want to be.

While laying your complaint, remain as calm as possible and be polite. They know the situation is upsetting and are willing to help.

Lost Luggage…

Be ready with detailed information – You’ll need identifying info about yourself, your luggage (make, color, etc) and the address and contact info where you’re staying so they can deliver your bag when it shows up.

Please note that you may need to produce receipts to prove the value of items you had in your lost luggage.

  • Get the contact number and web address for monitoring your bag’s progress – retrieving your luggage might take a while so i advice you get a number or a web address to track the whole process.

Lost Luggage

Lost luggage…

Here are a few tips to help you avoid such a situation.

  • Check in early – checking in early avoids all that unnecessary rush that might result in a mix up.
  • Ensure your luggage is tagged properly – look at the bag tag to be sure it carries your name and destination.
  • Pack all your important items in your hand luggage – any item you deem very important or an essential should be packed in your hand luggage.
  • Make your luggage distinct  – you can do this by tying a colored scarf or ribbon around your bags.
  • Find out the airline policies for connecting flights – some arlines might pass your bags from flight to flight.

But you need to read the policies to ensure it applies to you.

I hope this post helps someone. Before I go, I’d like to say that the most important tip when your luggage seems to be lost is, check the right carousel 😁

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