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Currently I Am…



Hey loves! If you follow me on instagram, you must have seen my last post with the caption ‘I just woke up’.

Truth is, that’s the way I actually feel. I seem to have been stuck in the moment, unmotivated to dig into the new year but somehow, I’m snapping out of it.

I know I am not consistent with the ‘Currently I am’ thing but from time to time I like to share what I am or have been up to with you guys.

Let’s dig in shall we?

Currently I Am…

Reading – Fist of God by Forsyth Frederick. It’s taking me a little while to finish because I’m reading the e-book. I prefer hard copy anyday.

Playing – I am still playing soda crush and four pics one word. Dunno why I bother it’s so easy peasy (yes I’m showing off hehehe).

Watching – How to get away with murder and Being Mary Jane. I am so hooked on these two series.

Listening to – Låpsley and Aurora. I think låpsley is pretty awesome and her voice is amazing. I cant get enough of her. Simply put, Aurora is bae and will always be bae.

Working on – Launching my personal business properly, and thinking of  various ways to grow the blog.

Eating – I really havent been eating much these days so…

Wanting –  A pink gameboy so badly.

Needing – A vacation, a canon lens, plenty of money, and a happy place.

Loving – How quiet it has been in my head.

Thinking –  How to make more money this year ?

Feeling – I’ll be honest and say ‘invisible and alone’ but thats fine.

Celebrating – Life!

Grateful for – Good health, Life and the people who really care about me and look out for me.

That’s about it guys. I’d really love to know what you all are up to. Please share in the comment box or leave your link if you are a blogger and youve got a similar post.


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