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Clingy Girlfriends, What’s Not To Love – Relationships

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Hey Hey Heeeey.

And a special hey to all the Clingy girlfriends out there. Y’all are  the real mvp’s.

I’m laughing so hard as I lie on my bed drafting this post. I’m sure a lot of you read the title of this post and went ‘huh’. Well, the way I see it, clingy girlfriends are the best and I’ll share why I think so.

Clingy Girlfriends…

A clingy girlfriend is a great girlfriend who either hasn’t got enough love or just wants more love from her boyfriend. Now that’s not really a bad thing is it? Clingy girlfriends are extremely loving. In fact too loving, it can pass for obsession which again isn’t such a bad thing right? Hehehe. Here are some traits of a clingy overly loving girlfriend.

  •  They want to talk for hours and he doesn’t. Errr brother, who gave you the right not to want to talk to her all day everyday? I’m sure when you were trying to get her to be your girlfriend, you called, texted, face timed, skyped, Snap chatted, Instagramed, whatsapped, Face booked, DMed, Flashed her regularly. Now what’s changed? Has the novelty worn off and you’re eager to go back to how things were when you were single? I don’t think so.
  • They don’t have a life of their own and hate that you do. Common, whats the harm in sharing your life with her? She is after all your significant other. Why bother going out with friends and then come home to give her the gist when she can be there with you and witness it all firsthand. They would gladly give up hanging out with their own friends just to be with you. Awww how cute.
  • They don’t think you love them as much as they love youHere she is showing you all the love and affection you may ever get all your life. Texting you every five minutes, drawing hearts on her notepad with your names in it and sending a picture of it to you, buying his and hers everything you can think of, always telling you how much she loves you and you’re there acting like shes smoldering you? You better behave yourself and match her love affection for affection, heart drawings and all. 
  • They want your attention all the time. Oh I’m so up for this one. If you’re not paying all that attention to her then who please? Some girl you met in the bar on some lucky day the girlfriend was down with menstrual cramps and couldn’t tag along? Or is it a female colleague at work? Could it even be that project you’ve been working on that could give you your big break? Well whatever it is, the girlfriend comes first. You can do all other things when shes not around or fast asleep. Case closed.
  • They think their relationship needs to be improved all the time. Aint no harm in this. I don’t see anything wrong in evaluating the relationship every once in a while. Think of it like a relationship  KPI. Discussing issues, bringing up problems you guys have every time is healthy. No? This way, you know the areas that need improvement. Be guided.
  • They think they are your best role model. You probably should listen attentively to your girlfriend when she goes off on how your friends are bad influence. She’s only trying to protect you from them and bad situations. She is after all, your ever loving girlfriend and would never ever do anything to hurt you, at least not on purpose she wont. Shes definitely got your back. Listen to her. 
  • They are always the damsels in distress. I find this rather cute. Guys like to feel needed and in control so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her calling you up every time to sort her out. She’s got the damsel in distress role fully locked down. No time for miss independent. You’re the maaaaaaan!!!
  • They want a joint social media account/want you to show them off to the world. Look on the bright side, you don’t have to worry about updating your status and all. She’s got that covered. She doesnt mind flooding your social media pages with pictures of both of you. That way, other girls know you are taken and should back off. This actually scores you some points as some girls find this cute and think you’re the best kind of boyfriend, always flaunting his girlfriend. Little do they know who runs the account. Genius.

Oh there’s more but I’ll stop here. A guy once asked me to be his girlfriend, and when I asked why he wanted me to date him, his reply was ‘you’re fragile and you need me’. Isn’t he implying he wants a clingy girlfriend? Looooooool. You can be rest assured she’s def not cheating on you. Where’s the time for that bro?

But you all know this post is just for laughs right? Have a blessed day loves.

Sidebar: cos I love you all so much, I’ve decided to share some Adele goodness. Listen to Adele – When We Were Young

A big shout out to NaijasingleGirl for keeping a smile on my face every time I visit her blog. She’s the queen when it comes to post like these. Go check out her blog. Simply click on her name highlighted in pink.

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