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Cheesy Pick Up Lines – The Worst Ever…


This post has been sitting in my draft since last year and I somehow forgot about it until today. In a bid to cheer myself up, I decided to finish it up and post, plus some guy was rather persistent this morning…As a girl, let’s go with female, I have had my fair share of guys trying to chat me up and in the process, dropped a few very cheesy pick up lines. Some are so terrible you can’t help but laugh wondering how on earth someone could ever think up such. I took to Google and found some. I hope you get to laugh as much as I did cos this actually cheered me up a bit.

Cheesy pick up lines…



I’m reading these lines and wondering if they really work? I know you guys have heard your fair share of pick up lines, feel free to share using the comment box.

PS: The giveaway ended yesterday and the winner is: Dee Mako.


Congratulations Dee. An email will be sent to you shortly.

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  1. Hahahahaha. Hilarious! How about this, ‘Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?’ Lmao

  2. Hi,u look familiar did u school in uniben?or hi do u HV a sister called Cynthia…Oh sorry u look like someone I used 2knw,anyway my name is Kenneth what’s urs….(gosh I’m so tired of this’s like the only thing guys know now)

  3. “Herro baby girl. Do you rive around here?. Because ees raik i’ve been seeing yew moving about this area before. My name ees Ifeanyi and ayam a happening guy in this area.”
    Meanwhile nigga lost me at “Herro baby girl”

  4. Lol. Some cheesy pickup lines still make me laugh but you see those guys that send all these love texts culled from that N50 book are the worst.

  5. Hi Gracey,

    I have laughed so hard at the comments of other readers. XD

    I am so glad that I am a woman, trying to speak to a girl for the first time is not easy at all.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I was about to walk but I saw an angel and my spirit told me to stop and collect your number so please give me and open the gate of heaven for me
    I cried that day ????????????????

  7. My specialty. Here’s one that you’re sure to fall for: “If you were a fruit you’d be a FINEAPPLE.”

    I’m kidding. Pick up lines are a funny conversation topic though lol

  8. “Hey Gracey, my name is Cherryðoc & I know you from NSG even though we haven’t interacted”. Pls tell me this isn’t one of ’em ‘cheesy’ pick up lines. ?.
    On a serious note Gracey, awesome blog you have here. I love the originality & uniqueness of your niche. May you break new grounds & reach great heights! #Blessings

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