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Character Tees X Something Blue.


I have an obsession with character tees. My absolute favourites are hello kitty, sponge bob and recently, minions lol. No, I do not think they are childish. To me, they are super cute, fun and can be worn with almost anything and everything.

Normally, I would have paired this tee with jeans,  but I’ve gotten so bored with jeans I decided to wear these super comfy blue joggers.






imageI’m all about comfy clothes and I think the heat is contributing to my choice of outfits. The joggers are light and I’m really digging the false zip details on it. I was gunning for the not so casual look hence my choice of shoes plus they are the exact same shade as the joggers, otherwise, I’d have probably worn a pair of sneakers (pfft, I still look pretty casual rme).

Depending on what look you want, character tees can be dressed up or kept pretty simple and these days, there are a lot of cool, funny character tees out there.

Any lovers of character tees out there? 🙂



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  1. Hi! This will be my first time putting up a comment. I read ur posts & I must say they r gd. I have three words for ur fashion sense, Simple, Classy & Unique. U have always had it in u & gd to see u put it into good use. Keep it up girl. By the way I love character tees. Lol

  2. These shoes. Hmmmm, dats all I have to say, I have my own xter tee shirt and it’s my name written on it, I’m my own xter, lol. Looking good gal.

  3. But really the weather lately has been beastly… Hey Gigs! This is some major cuteness overload! Totally love how the blue pops.. And the joggers are so easy, but still stylish. I also dig the sandals..very relaxed and chic..

    loving the entire laid-back, but very cute ensemble. Makes me wish I had somewhere chill to go.

    And yes character tees are everything.. So versatile and great to style with.. My fave way to rock them is paired with a really full pleated skirt and everytime!

  4. I really like joggers, comfortably chic and easy to style.

    I love how your shoes are the exact shade of blue as your trousers, monochrome bliss 🙂

    Great blog!

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