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How To Celebrate Valentine As A Single Girl

How To Celebrate Valentine As A Single Girl

Celebrate Valentine As A Single Girl

Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you…

I woke up to this song playing in my ears. Before you awwww and all, thinking it was some romantic gesture by the boo (that I currently do not have), I actually slept off listening to music and woke up to this. Could this be a sign? Lol who knows…

We are all aware that Valentines day is nigh, and while those with partners are thinking of what to get their significant others, we #Teamsingle are thinking up cool ideas of things we can do with ourselves.

The one thing I know we shouldn’t and won’t do is sulk and act all miserable. Truth is, it’s a day to show love not just to our significant others, but to family, friends, loved ones and even to ourselves.

We are all aware that Valentine falls on a Tuesday but that doesn’t stop us from having some fun does it? Bearing that in mind, here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate valentine as a single girl.

How to celebrate valentine as a single girl.

Get a pedicure / ManicureCelebrate valentine as a single girlAfter work, you can dash to your salon and get yourself a well deserved pedicure and manicure. I personally find this very relaxing. Try it!

Go ShoppingIdeas for you on valentine's day

Shopping is one thing that makes me super happy. There’s no harm in splurging a little. Good thing is, lots of stores are having valentines sales so I urge you to indulge. If you cant get to a store in time, you can shop online.

Hang out with the girls…Ideas for you on valentine's day

If you have friends who are single as well, I suggest you all get together and have a girls night out. Have dinner, go to the movies, do anything that makes you all happy. You can even go have fun at the karaoke bar and if you are an awful singer like me, deafen some people lol.

Buy yourself a cake…Ideas for you on valentine's day

There’s no harm in ordering yourself a cake (oh please make it ice cream cake and send me a huge slice) and having it delivered to your office. You can add a bottle of four cousins (The white one) for good measure.

Soak your self in a bubble bath...Ideas for you on valentine's day

After a long day at work and all these activities, head home and soak youself in a bubble bath. I recommend you play some soft soothing music, light your scented candles, grab yourself a glass of wine and relaaaaaax!

You dont always need a partner to show yourself some good loving now do you?

For those who do have plans to go on a date, I have collaborated with Daniella who has a post up on different outfits you can wear depending on what kind of date it is. Click here to read it.

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  1. Well written ? valentine’s day z goin to be work nd den head home straight in order to avoid traffic for me, wish i cud see a muvee tho but I’d pass, i think I’d just treat myself to enuf rest in prep for d next day

  2. Love this! Love yourself February! A girls night out is fun but a girls night in is also cool. Hang out with your girls at home, cook some nice food, snacks, small chops or order some pizza, buy some drinks, play some music, dance , turn up, watch a movie. Play some fun games like truth or dare, never have I ever, just have fun and even exchange gifts. Thanks Grace for this post and collab. xx

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