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Let’s Catch Up Shall We?


Hi Darlings…

I know it kind of feels like I’ve been a tad bit quiet on here right? Well that’s what a friend of mine seems to think and since I’ve been drafting and thrashing posts lately (I have no idea why), I decided to put up a catch up post basically filling you all in on whats been and not been happening to me.

Hello June …

Hello June


Hi Darlings!

It’s a new day, new week, new month and we even have a new president. I’m particularly excited about this month ‘cos it’s my birth month. Yaaaaaaay!

Look Who’s Back!!!

011I’d first of all like to say I’m sorry for going MIA on you all.

I have learnt and I’m still learning, that on this blogging journey of mine, I will encounter all sorts of hiccups. First it was an issue with my URL, then issues with my host, to loosing all my pictures on the blog while moving it to another host, to forgetting my password and retrieving it became an uphill task ( weird yea?) to …. Sigh!

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