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phocks – \’fäks\ (noun) : Stylish and wants to be known for owning a pair of fun socks.

If there’s one thing I love more than a well dressed man, It’s a well dressed man who has strong socks phocks game.

Style Crush … Precious.

imageHey Guys!

Today, I’d like you all to meet Precious, a long time friend whose personal style I love. Right from our university days, she has always made a statement with the way she dresses. While I was and still is the conservative one, she has always dared, not afraid to take risks with the way she dresses.

And The Winner Is ….

    Hello Darlings! I trust you all had a splendid weekend. Thank you all for participating in the giveaway. The rule was to comment on the giveaway post as well as Saturdays post. Names that appeared in the comments…

Culotte Tuesday …

f52e696182cb2a00095ce414687f88f9Hey Guys!

Did you all know that culottes were originally worn by the gentlemen of the European upper-classes from the late middle ages or renaissance through the early nineteenth century and became popular in France during the reign of Henry III?

With Love From TwentySix …

Tunde K. Mason for

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while I put up a post. The plan is to be more consistent, (fighting the ‘but’ urge) so I’ll leave it at that. I will and I am working on it. *pinky promise*. I got a call last week from TwentySix asking if I would like to use my platform to show their new array of goodies. To say I was and am still excited is toning it down. I literally did the two step. Yup! One, I am a big fan of TwenySix, and two, the fact that they called me,yes me, means I must be doing something right. 🙂

STYLE CRUSH :-) .. P! Wills.



You know how you go around living life, minding your business (like me 🙂 ) and every now and then you come across people that dress absolutely nice.. And you go, wow, she/he must have some idea about fashion, to pull of such mash up, or they must have broken the bank to look so good? Well, I’ve learnt that one just has to be imaginative and bold enough to pair up certain pieces and colors together and no, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to achieve this. There are so many stores you can get really cool clothes and accessories from at reasonable prices (post for another day).

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