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CAG Workshop – My thoughts…

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CAG - ColoursandGrey

“The CAG workshop was a brilliant initiative. My mind and eyes were opened to endless possibilities”

I started blogging about three years ago. I must admit, I was a bit clueless on how and where to start and had doubts on if my blog would do well, but after speaking to a few well known bloggers, I decided to just start and see how things go.

By the time I had done 6months, my views were very encouraging. I had a camera and a steady  photographer buddie who helped me with my pictures. I was more than happy to dress up, take pictures and post.

Afterall isnt that what blogging is all about? Well, yes and no and even though I am not entirely clueless, I just didn’t pay much attention to all those little details that help boost your blog that seriously. Thank goodness Alice hammered on the importance of these little details during the CAG workshop .

CAG Workshop …CAG - ColoursandGrey

Unlike other events where bloggers meet and mingle and that’s about it, this was a fun, intereactive and educative session. I must commend Alice who thought of this brilliant idea and brought it to life.

The venue was Capital Square Ikoyi (Illupeju street). The first thing that caught my attention was the ambience and the cool aesthetics. I was so excited thinking about all the cool pictures one could take hehe.

CAG - ColoursandGrey

At the workshop, we learnt how to;

  • Design using canva
  • Finding ones niché and creating a structure for our blogs
  • SEO
  • Photography
  • Economical advantages of knowing how to sew
  • Digital marketing
  • Email marketing

I would have detailed this post with all we learnt but nah?. If you are interested to learn new things that could help your blog, sign up for the Ibadan and Abuja session and attend Hehehe.

CAG - ColoursandGrey

I’m glad I attended the workshop. It was and is a brilliant initiative. My mind and eyes were definitely opened to endless possibilities. I can only do better with my blog now. So help me God ?.

CAG - ColoursandGrey

CAG - ColoursandGrey

Dress code was “Comfortable” which wasnt an issue as thats what I always gun for.

I kept it all black by wearing my aeroplane of idiots dress shirt and leggings (I hardly wear leggings you know) and my “cortina” like shoes.

My neckpiece is from @pinsandclips. Check their page out for cute accessories.

CAG - ColoursandGrey

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