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[ctt title=”We don\’t choose who we fall in love with they say, but we certainly can choose who we reject…” tweet=”We don’t choose who we fall in love with they say, but we certainly can choose who we reject…” coverup=”53k24″]
Breathe Out So I Can Breathe You In…

I actually smiled when I received your message. You had gotten it all wrong. My message didn’t say the things you said it did. Oh dear! You must have gone and mixed it all up.

It’s okay though, cos I have learnt to love you but at the same time let you be free. We’ve been at this thing for a little while now. The “getting to know” phase as you called it, but what I realised was, it seemed more like the getting to know you phase.

I found myself wanting to do right by you all the time, placing you before me but at the same time, I didn’t want to loose me, my essence, you know, what makes me me!

I  wondered if you even know what makes me tick, what I crave for, my inner most desire(s). Those lil things that make me giggle and feel free.

You believed you needed to be tough with me, you got worried being soft would make me weak. But did you ever stop to think, that perhaps too much of the tough love would maybe break me?

You would say harsh stuff to me, things that made me bleed, but I’d toughened up on the surface and a little on the inside for I simply refused to let you see that I could still be weak.

I was excited when you sent me the messages you did the other day, telling me how you’re aware of your person to me, how you cared about me and wanted me to feel appreciated and needed. You said you wanted me to feel like a princess, one worthy to blossom into a queen. So for a momemt I felt like finally!!!

Finally he gets me. But that excitement was short lived. I didn’t get to bask in it and its all cos you really didnt listen when I said please let me speak.

You said you check yourself if you’re doing right by me, did that come into play when you went ahead and misquoted me?

Breathe out id say to you, let me breathe you in. Oh! That’s how much I wanted you to see that I got you and didnt want to leave.

I really used to beat myself up and put all the blame on me, but with time I realised this really wasnt just on me.

It’s a two way thing, this thing called friendship. It’s me getting to know you and you getting to know alot more than what id told you about me.

Funny thing is you might somehow stumble upon this. You would read it and still… misunderstand me.

One thing I’d like you to know is that patience works better with understanding.

I’m calm and I’m really at peace for all I ever wanted was for you to breathe out so I could breathe you in…

Disclaimer: Nothing personal. Just Talk Thursday capturing “Being Misunderstood and more…”

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