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Bodycon, Sneaks ‘N’ Fringes…

By August 20, 2016January 12th, 201730 Comments


Hey Hey Hey!!!

I am pretty sure you guys are tired of my apologies for not being as consistent as I used to be, but once again forgive me…

I have been busy with fashion school and the time to plan outfit posts and posts generally isnt just there ugggh!!! But I’m here now so yaay.

I hate am not a fan of bodycon dresses. The way they cling to ones body, accentuating all them curves (or not), gallops and potholes if any, can be quite disturbing if you know what I mean. In my case, I am “qualified” in the mammary glands department and no I dont like to reveal that in anyway, so I tend to shy away from clothes that are clingy. Ya dig?!!!

But since I am embracing and trying out new but safe things, I decided to wear this bodycon dress yesterday. One, I really like the color and two the length is just right. Now, another reason why I should shy away from this particular dress is cos of the horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes tend to make one look wider. I would rather go for vertical lines to get that slimmer look (Tip)…

But I really love the color so I went ahead and rocked it! I decided to pair it with sneakers cos I heard we were going to stand at the Afropolitan vibes. Comfort is key (this is becoming my fashion mantra o), so there was no way I was going to wear heels. Guess what?! We ended up not going cos it rained till very late. Not a bummer for me though, I rather stay in bed lol.








I will be attending the bloggers brunch today (whoop whoop), so stay tuned for the blog post. Kisses loves!!!

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