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Bodycon, Sneaks ‘N’ Fringes…


Hey Hey Hey!!!

I am pretty sure you guys are tired of my apologies for not being as consistent as I used to be, but once again forgive me…

I have been busy with fashion school and the time to plan outfit posts and posts generally isnt just there ugggh!!! But I’m here now so yaay.

I hate am not a fan of bodycon dresses. The way they cling to ones body, accentuating all them curves (or not), gallops and potholes if any, can be quite disturbing if you know what I mean. In my case, I am “qualified” in the mammary glands department and no I dont like to reveal that in anyway, so I tend to shy away from clothes that are clingy. Ya dig?!!!

But since I am embracing and trying out new but safe things, I decided to wear this bodycon dress yesterday. One, I really like the color and two the length is just right. Now, another reason why I should shy away from this particular dress is cos of the horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes tend to make one look wider. I would rather go for vertical lines to get that slimmer look (Tip)…

But I really love the color so I went ahead and rocked it! I decided to pair it with sneakers cos I heard we were going to stand at the Afropolitan vibes. Comfort is key (this is becoming my fashion mantra o), so there was no way I was going to wear heels. Guess what?! We ended up not going cos it rained till very late. Not a bummer for me though, I rather stay in bed lol.








I will be attending the bloggers brunch today (whoop whoop), so stay tuned for the blog post. Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Is it just me or do you look totally different in every picture? I could see you on the road and I am sure i wouldnt even recognize you. You have a really pretty smile 🙂

    also i love your bag and THAT BRACELET!!!!!

    I love your blog….xxx

  2. You look…ravishing! I’d say I agree with all your fears about the dress but then(and I mean no flattery by this) you’re flawless. I hope you get your mojo back soon. ..

  3. Hehehe!!!This was one funny post. You just mirrored my thoughts on body con dresses. I still can’t bring myself to wearing them but I must say you nailed it. The sneakers made it oh so perfect!

  4. I like this classy casual look.

    You have a nicely toned tummy, I generally stay away from clothes that don’t have “feeding allowance” until I can finally get my 6-pack groove on. 😀

    I remember seeing that stripes tip in a fashion magazine.

    Best wishes with fashion school, I know you’ll do great!

  5. Haha, I really like body con dresses but they must be knee length or longer. Anyways, you definitely rocked this dress and you look beautiful. xx

  6. Hahaha!,Grace o! Mammary glands. I never noticed that until this dress. Looks good on you. I have a love/hate relationship with bodycon. It’s easy and on the go but it limits sense of style if you get hooked.That bag is totally doing it for me!

  7. You are so so beautiful God! I love that dress and the color, ı bought one gray dress just like it but not wearing it again because of my tommy, that’s one insecurity ı havent come to terms with.

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