Hey darlings, Long time no post yea? You all will please have to forgive me especially as yesterday was my birthday (Look ma! I’m finally legal lol), so I get a free pass.

This post should have gone up yesterday but I was busy being lazy and enjoying not having to do much but receive calls and reply messages.


When I was much younger, my birthday meant just one thing, GIFTS!!! But over the years, it’s been more than that. I have grown and I now understand that with each birthday/age comes maturity(optional in some peoples cases lol), more responsibilities, decisions and endless possibilities.

I have been and I constantly still need to prepare and position myself to tap into it all. My journey hasn’t necessarily been easy but it has and is absolutely worth it. I keep learning and pushing myself refusing to give up.

Birthday, Growth & Giveaways…


Your clicks, likes, sharing, comments, words of encouragements, endorsements you name it, pushes me to do more. I am so grateful to you all and I believe in giving back.

I have giveaways running on my Instagram page (see why you should follow me) and the giveaway will run for another week as I have really cool items from different brands.

To be fair to those who probably do not have instagram accounts, I will put some of the giveaways here as well and I also have stuff for my male readers too. Yaay!


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Kisses loves!!!

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Grace Gigi

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