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BeAdorned – Friday Causal Wear…

BeAdorned“The mind is such a beautiful thing to waste”. 

With the help of social media, I have found so many creative people not limited to the fashion world, who have found their passion and are doing awesome stuff with creative minds.

Yetunde is one of such people. She is a young and talented lady who created and runs Beadorned. I found her on instagram through a handle of someone who follows a handle of another instagram account (yes, sometimes I stalk hehe) and I really like her idea/concept.

There are alot of people who print on tees but I like the fact that she comes up with different designs (based on what you want) and uses ankara material for her designs. You might think this is no big deal till you try it yourself lol.

It doesn’t end there. She also makes really cute fashion accessories (yup, I know cos recently got a neckpiece & bangle from her).

Immediately I got this tee, I got pretty excited cos mum had just bought me these gorg colored jeggings. Hi mum, thanks mum!

I spiced up the outfit by wearing heels.






You all can check out her designs on instagram. Her handle is @beadornedbyyetti.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Baby girl looking so dope! Err my birthday is coming… that top… *hint* Lmao. I love the shoes, they give that colour-block look to the outfit.

  2. Thanks for repping and for your kind words Grace! More grace to your ‘beeeyuteeful’ elbows. Lol at ‘Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post’ Indeed, it is not!

  3. Hi Grace,

    I checked out Yetunde’s IG page, she’s very hardworking, I like her hustle.

    Ah! Your mum has great taste o, the pants are very stylish, they fit you really well. Your heels are pretty and added instant glam to the casual look.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Love the look. The heels are spot on.

    God bless the legit hustle of every female; Black, White, Hispanic, don’t matter. May we reap the fruits of our honest hustle IJN, amen.

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