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An Attitude Of Gratitude X Trying New Things


It’s been 16 days since I put up a post or even checked my blog. I feel so bad about it cos it feels like I neglected here and you awesome readers but…

That’s not the case. I was ill for two weeks and boy oh boy! All I can say is, I’m grateful for good health.

Attitude of Gratitude…Attitude7

The doctor said my blood pressure was low (too much chilling perhaps lool ?), then malaria and thyphoid. I was placed on injections, you can read my experience with the first nurse here,  to drugs and then dealt relapsing fever. Only me kai.


I lost weight, which isn’t such a bad thing I think. My waist has gone back to a 27/28 and that’s fine by me lol. That’s the attitude im rolling with so I dont feel bad each time mum tells me ‘I’ve dissppeared”.


On trying new things, I’m wearing red. arrrgh. For those of you who don’t know, I actually hate red. I shy away from it alot and the funniest thing is, it’s all for no particular reason.


But I recently decided not to hold myself back any longer and I’m not talking about fashion alone. I have life goals I have set for myself and the what ifs and maybe I cant have got to stop!!!


Now to my outfit: I chose to pair my blouse (it’s from shopmaju) with my red tulle skirt cos I was kinda trying to be all matchy matchy with the lady on my blouse. Silly right? ?



I know we probably have one color we run away from. Whats yours?

A huge thank you once again to everyone who checked up on me while I was ill. Your prayers worked.

PS: My blog turned 2 on the 9th. I’m planning a giveaway so stay tuned guys!

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Hi Grace,

    Only 16 days! It’s been 28 days since my last post. This inconsistency party is so much fun… Not! ?

    I’m glad that you’ve recovered, being ill is awful.

    Red is such a vibrant colour, suits you beautifully. It’s one of my favourites. I don’t like dull colours.

    Happy second blog anniversary.

  2. I know what it feels like to be sick, so yes grateful always and thankfully to God for good health.
    I recently had to take injections (2 each) for five days on my buttocks, longest five days of my life.
    Your outfit is lovely, and the red skirt suits you.

  3. yayyyy.. welcome back. Thank God for good health.
    Giveawway?.. whoop whoop!!
    i shy away from bright colours: yellow,pink, red name it.

  4. Happy bloggiversary… am shocked u say you run away from red…. it really is an amazing colour on you and those sandals are to die for…should those sandals be the giveawayz I know girls will kill for it lol…. laughing at the you have disappeared joke though and sorry for the Ill health

  5. Welcome back Grace!! ? thank God for good health! You look take away in red o! Pls wear more of it and I’m seriously eyeing that tulle skirt. Me, I hate yellow but I’m going to give it a try real soon. It’s good to have you back.

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