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Alone But Not Lonely…

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Elena lived alone in her grandma’s dainty apartment on the 23rd street. Every morning, she would wake up, shower and get ready for work, feed Toodles her cat, watch the 7am news while sipping on her morning cup of coffee.

She worked in the newspaper company on the 3rd street. She hated her job even though she was grateful it paid her bills. You see, Elena was the copier girl whom no one paid much attention to. And even though she knew everyone by name, how many cups of tea/coffee each person had a day, what they liked to have for lunch or who was dating who, no one cared to know who she was. One time, Jessica the Admin girl asked her if she was the new janitor they were expecting. Pfft! how rude.

Elenas parents died when she was eight in a car crash. Her grandmum who was the  only relative she knew, took care of her until she too passed on when Elena was 18, leaving Elena all alone in this world. She had no siblings and no friends. Just Toodles her cat. She often cried herself to sleep for she felt so alone.

One day, as Elena was walking to work, she overheard two women talking about some guy. They went on and on about how nice he was and how he loved everyone and was always there whenever you needed him. Out of curiosity, she was tempted to ask who they were talking about but imagine how that would seem as they weren’t talking to her, so you can imagine her sheer delight when one of the women said ‘I’m so glad we get to meet with him today at the corner of 9th&10th at 5pm’. Throughout the day, Elena couldn’t sit still for she was curious to meet someone who would show her love and be nice to her. So at 4:45pm, she set off to the corner of 9th&10th where she met a small gathering. She waited and waited yet saw no ‘Nice Man’. A bit confused, she asked one of the women she had overheard in the morning  who and where this man was. Elena explained how she would like to meet him and talk to him. The lady smiled and handed her a small book. On it was written ‘Bible’.

Elena took this book home and read it day after day. She would write down all her questions and wait eagerly for the gathering on the corner 9th&10th, so she could ask these questions. The more she read this book, the more she longed for this ‘Man’. Finally,  on a cold rainy night as she was reading her lil fav book. She heard a small voice say to her ‘Stop looking for me all over the place Elena, for I am always with you’. All you need to do is talk to me, that’s what they call prayer and I’ll always answer you. Elena joined the gathering on the corner of 9th&10th and her faith grew gradually. She also made friends and got invited over quite a lot. After work, Elena would read her lil bible out loud so Toodles could hear her. She became a very happy lady, for even though she lived alone, she had stopped feeling lonely …

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