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Accessorizing is truly the spice of an outfit. Most times, people tend to compliment your accessories before anything else. I personally believe that an outfit without the proper accessories is just going to look all plain Jane and somewhat tacky.


Understanding the importance of accessorizing and how it can improve your wardrobe is essential, and the essence of this post is to capture that. So lets delve right into it shall we.

  • Accessories save you time while making an outfit look different – Accessorizing saves you time, because it allows you pick out an outfit that you are already familiar with and one that you have probably already worn many times. All you are doing is just changing the look by adding a few extra accessories here and there.

Yes, its true you have to take the time to choose the accessories, but it sure beats staring into a closet full of clothes, trying to decide which dress or top to choose.


  • Accessories make you stand out – Take for example the queen of accessories, Iris Apfel. She always stands out due to her not so minimalist style lol. She isn’t afraid to adorn herself with accessories. Picture this, two women clad in the same outfit, one added that extra accessory while the other didn’t. Who do you think will stand out?


 Accessorizing – How it can improve your wardrobe…Accessorizing
  • Accessories save you money – Yes you heard me. They are often times cheaper than clothes and the truth is with the more accessories you have, the less clothes you need (kinda lol). Outfits can be made to look different each time depending on what accessories you decided to pair them with.

They can be worn multiple times without anyone really paying attention to it all because of the way you switch it up each time.



  • Accessories add color and flavor to your wardrobe/outfits – It’s super easy and fun to brighten up a dull colored outfit with a bright colored accessory.


  • Accessories save you the stress and trouble – If you follow me on Instagram, you can tell by now that my personal style is pretty laid back and I love to wear black. With accessories, I can save myself the stress of thinking of what to wear each time.

I could take a plain black tee and make it look all fab by pinning fun and colored lapels on it. see?




The queen herself, Iris Apfel

 PS: Accessories could be earrings, belts, bags, chunky neck pieces, you name it.

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