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Hello! I'm Grace Gigi!

My name is Grace and I am a personal style & lifestyle blogger.

How it all started

I enjoyed (still do) dressing my friends and family up, shopping for them, organising their outfits for work and events, so I decided to put myself and my love for fashion out there, documenting and showcasing my personal style hence the start of my blog in November 2014.
What started as something small, soon became my after-work obsession as one post led to another and now four years, later I can say I’m not doing badly.
My style posts are to make my readers understand that there is a difference between fashion and personal style. Personal style is an inside job. It’s something you create for yourself and it comes from within you. It is an expression of who you are, so the genesis of true personal style is an interior journey, and everyone has theirs.
I also blog about fashion related tips & tricks, fashion on a budget and I have a segment called Talk Thursday where I write about topics we as humans deal with and can relate to.
Let’s not forget the lifestyle part where I talk blog about happenings, events, and generally, things that interest me (and you hopefully).

Other Interests Include…

Sewing, Music (soft rock), Poetry, Art, Video games and I love to read as well. I hate traveling, heights, and small spaces.
I am also a naturalista and so far, I must say I am enjoying my natural hair journey.
You can contact me via email – grace@epiphany29.com
I hope you enjoy my blog and will stay.