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A Little Extra Wont Hurt…


~Know that last minute thought/effort you often ignore, I suggest you run with it~

I often ignore that last minute nudge I get when it comes to finalising/executing something and I end up regretting it.

Oh! I wish I had added this, Oh I shouldn’t have done that. Arrrrgh! Why didn’t I change this, I knew I should have altered that. Pfft!

You would think that next time I’d have learnt from my previous mistake but nope, some of us are too stubborn and learn the hard way which hurts, so I started being concious of that extra nudge, that soft voice in my head urging me to add or remove a certain thing and I’m happier at the result most of the time.

The same thing applies when I plan an outfit. That nudge comes when I’m all dressed up and ready to go to add or change my accessory or it could be my shoes or even my bag and that’s what happened with this outfit.

Yes, we agree denim is versatile and the denim on denim trend will probably never go out of fashion but it doesn’t have to be plain.

The waist coat was the “extra umph” my outfit needed, so I threw it on just as I was leaving the house. Do I love the outcome, you bet!!!

A little Extra wont hurt…Extra






Do you pay attention to that extra nudge you get?

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Yes I wonder why people just leave denim to be plain, like even denim deserves the extra love too! I like the waistcoat idea and your shoes too.

  2. This is a ghen-ghen post!
    O mi gosh!!!!
    The dressing, outfit is just ?
    The jacket ? Your body shape ☑. Good lord help this our “le fitfam struggle ”
    P.s I am taking notes of things that will go missing in your wardrobe. Friendly warning. Lol

  3. Everyone has that and often avoid that voice… The thing is, I feel the voice knows one is going to ignore it..

    Nice outfit, love the way the trouser fits you damn so perfect and your physique too. Nice shoe

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