Have you got those really cool pair of short shorts but hesitate to wear them because you feel they make you look like a tramp *bleep* ?

I do, and I really want to wear my short shorts out, so I looked up cool ways I could style ’em. Bearing in mind that body size is very important to, you first have to go for shorts that are the right fit. You don’t want your shorts too tight on the waist and too loose as well.

Neither do you want one that rides up along the thigh. Not only can this be painful, but you may find your butt cheeks hanging out of your shorts. *covers face*

Cool ways to style short shorts…

Look 1cool ways to style short shorts

Look 2cool ways to style short shorts

Look 3cool ways to style short shorts

Look 4cool ways to style short shorts

Look 5cool ways to style short shorts

Look 6cool ways to style short shorts

Look 7cool ways to style short shorts

The whole idea is to dress your shorts up or down in such a way that the attention isn’t solely on the shorts itself. Got it? You could decide to throw on a blazer, or a kimono with the length a little longer than the shorts itself.

You could wear a pair of tights underneath and still remain stylish. I particularly love the one paired with a peplum top. There’s just this really chic vibe to it. To make it look even cooler, opting for a two piece is a brilliant idea.

An extra look for good measure ?Cool ways to style short shortsWumituase

Be sure that with these inspirations, I am definitely ready to rock my shorts. Yay!

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