11 lessons learnt…

2017 was a pretty good year for me. Laced with highs and lows, lessons taught,  lessons learned…

But all in all, the good times surpassed the lows so I’m good with that..

I decided to share some of the lessons I learnt this year before we replace all our calendars with 2018 ones.

Hoping someone somewhere can relate to them or be encouraged somehow.

11 Lessons Learnt…

1. Patience – I’d like to think that I’m a patient person naturally, but this year I learnt to be extra patient bidding my time while setting things in place.

Hardwork pays off…  Eventually. 

2Friendships & Relationships – Are not to be forced. I lost a 10 year old friendship thinking I wouldn’t function without the person but I’ve been fine.

It wasn’t a healthy friendship & truth is, I’d rather a healthy circle of no friends than one filled with lies & deceit.

3. Seize Opportunities – Coming from one who used to procrastinate alot, I made it a point of duty to seize as many opportunities I could this year.

Highlight- I participated in the Vlisco master class and learnt so much plus made new friends.

4. Don’t Dwell – On things that could have been & things you can’t change. As clichè as it sounds, everything happens for a reason.

Learn from each situation you find yourself in. It helps shapen you.

5. Save for the rainy day – I cultivated the habit of saving more this year and I’m patting myself on the back for this.

Though most of it is gone now *covers face*,  I’m glad I could save at all.

6. Laugh More – life as we know it has it’s trying times. So learn to embrace the good ones and laugh as often as you can.

7. Get out of your comfort zone – As comfy as it might be, it limits you. Challenge yourself to do more,  to be more.

8. Forgive – Not just others but yourself. It helps you heal quicker. I wrote a post on healing here

9. Love – Truly and deeply. Regardless of past hurts, it’s okay to open your heart to another.

10. Plan & Execute – It’s one thing to plan & another to actually execute.

Set those awesome ideas into motion and watch them yield results.

11. Read – Equip yourself with knowledge not just in your field of interest but other aspects as well.

The mind is a beautiful thing to waste.

Happy new year loves!!!

Kisses loves!!!

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Grace Gigi

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