10 Cool Fashion Tips You Should Know.

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Hey guys! I stumbled on some really cool tips the other day and being very generous, * dodges rotten pepper* I decided to share with you all.


  •  You can conceal your bra straps as well as keep your wide neck tops in place by sewing on a press on stud to the corner of your top.


  • You can keep that stubborn jean zipper up by adding a key ring to it and placing the ring over your button. That way, zip stays up and the ring is concealed.


  • It’s pretty annoying seeing deodorant marks on your dress or top after dressing up and ready to head out. Well you can easily get rid of those marks with baby wipes.


  • Tight pairs of shoes can be expanded by placing half filled zip locks in the shoes and leaving them overnight in the freezer. I’d love to see the look of horror on my mum’s face when she sees my shoes in her freezer hehe.


  • Those ewwy yucky yellow sweat stains can be prevented and eliminated by spraying the area with lemon juice just before washing.


  • You can create your own cap toe shoes instead of buying one. ( No we ain’t cheap, the economy is hard at the moment  :-).  I’m definitely going to try this out seeing that I have couple of shoes I don’t mind experimenting on *big grin *

31-Clothing-Tips-Every-Girl-Should-Know-cap-toe-shoes (1)

  •  If you are on the conservative side like me, you’ll probably find this tip useful. Wear a pair of tights, lacey or plain under ripped jeans to minimise show of skin. (now why buy ripped jeans in the first place right?). This tip also helps one keep warm if it’s chilly.


  • Create more space in your wardrobe by doubling hangers using can tabs. With all the wardrobe drama I’m having, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this arrrgh!


  • Folding and organizing your shirts in rows makes it easy to see and easily find the t-shirt you want. Brilliant! It also takes up a lot less drawer space. You just have to be sure to fold your shirts with the print facing up. This way you can easily identify each shirt once they’re organized in the drawer.


  •  Tighten loose arms of sunglasses by applying a dab of clear nail polish (nail harder as we call it) over the hinge. This helps tighten the arm of the sunglasses. When used over buttons, it helps keep the thread from unravelling.



Really cool tips right? For more tips, click here and here. (sources of my post).

If you’ve got any fashion tips, please share in the comment box below.

Toddles darlings.


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