With Love From TwentySix …

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while I put up a post. The plan is to be more consistent, (fighting the ‘but’ urge) so I’ll leave it at that. I will and I am working on it. *pinky promise*. I got a call last week from TwentySix asking if I would like to use my platform to show their new array of goodies. To say I was and am still excited is toning it down. I literally did the two step. Yup! One, I am a big fan of TwenySix, and two, the fact that they called me,yes me, means I must be doing something right. 🙂

TwentySix, not the number but the brand, is one that adds expression to its clothing, and defines fashion in a simple yet chic way. TwentySix boasts of vibrancy, freedom and expression of the lady through their work. At TwentySix, it’s not just about putting the pieces together but making sure that the prints, textures and colors are particular in each piece. This is their engineering innovation. They believe that every woman is an artist and they do their best to put the artistic vision into the clothes they make one piece at a time.

Most people know TwentySix for their full, fun skirts made from absolutely gorgeous prints, but like every other brand, they have a long term vision to create more pieces, and in line with that vision, at a recently held photo shoot, TwentySix unveiled their dresses, which is a start in the right direction. *Throws confetti in the air*

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

The fabulous skirts weren’t left out.

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

Tunde K. Mason for twentysix.co

TwentySix intends to work with other small brands like theirs to create ‘‘homegrown’’ fashion for an everyday kind of girl that only wants to express herself. Cool right?

You can check out their instagram page for more goodies @Twentysix.co

Who knows, I might just be giving out a TwentySix dress or skirt one of these days…


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  1. D skirts are lovely, wld be nice to know if dey take measurements online and if dey deliver , price list wld be nice to know too.

    1. Oh yes they are. Their contact number is 08181474530. You could also follow them on Instagram. @Twentysix.co

  2. Awesome piece! Twentysix.co seems to be showing up on timeline alot these days. Now interested!!!!!

  3. Nice. Way to go 26 n definitely way to go epiphany 29.

    1. Looool @26 n 29..

      Thank yooou Ann

  4. Truly simple but chic… A great way to welcome April. I want me some of those!

  5. Will take Five of em outfit dilivered to Wifey. So come privy !!ASAP

    1. Yaaay! Send in the mooooney!!!

  6. Simply Uneeke says: Reply

    This is so nice

    Simply Uneeke

  7. lovely designs especially the skirts… i love the simplicity and uniqueness.

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  8. Simple and chic dresses….love them

  9. Interesting post! However I don’t feel that the outfits were properly projected they look a bit rumpled albeit lovely. No hate oh lool just opinion. Xoxo. Love your blog!

  10. Oooh, I want one. Already emailed them. Perhaps I should call them before I change my mind :p

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