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What’s In My MakeUp Bag…

When I go out and see some ladies with their faces well made up, I often wonder what’s in their makeup bags. Do they carry every single item used in case they need to reapply? Same way I wonder what people like me carry and by people like me, I mean those of us who cannot makeup to save our lives lol.

Now I’m wondering if you guys are wondering what’s in mine?🤔

It didn’t take me time to fully understand that fashion comprises of not just the clothes we wear, but includes the hair, accessories, and makeup and generally appearance. An outfit/look can go from drab to fab with well applied makeup and good hair *tip*

Personally, I am clueless when it comes to baking, contouring, highlighting etc but I stick to the basics and it works for me. In this post I will be sharing what I carry in my makeup bag.

Makeup Bag…
Makeup bag
Sweet lip glosses

I love lip glosses especially sweet smelling and tasting ones. I tend to lick my lips alot which leaves them dry so these lip glosses especially the minty one goes everywhere I go.

Makeup bag
Eye pencil & Mascara

I suck big time when it comes to filling out my eyebrows but nevertheless, I use the ever faithful uncle Daves eye pencil in color 18. Sometimes I go for color 3. I really don’t know why I carry or even own a mascara because I don’t ever remember to brush out my eyelashes.

Makeup bag
Eyebrow filler

I obtained this eyebrow filler from my cousin and I think its the best thing since enchanteur  powder lol. It helps me fill my brows better than I do when using the eye pencil. Trust me it’s a lot easier.

Makeup bag
Iman luminous powder

This is my best makeup product ever. I started using the Iman luminous powder 5years ago and I have no regrets. It has shimmers in it that glow when your face starts to get alil moist. It is also foundation based so I don’t really need to use foundation before applying it. Awesome right.

Makeup bag
Classic matte lipstains

Even though I have four of them, I use the oriental pink and VIP more. I like the fact that they are truly matte and don’t flake. I advise that you exfoliate your lips before applying matte lipsticks or lipstains.

I forgot to photograph my powder application brush, nail cutter and tweezer but basically that’s all I have in my bag.

What do you have in yours? I would really like to know. Please share using the comment box below

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Lol I love makeup too but I haven’t gotten around to learn how to do it perfectly…but at least I can draw my brows😉. I don’t even have a makeup bag bcos no foundation,concealer, or even powder (weird right?). I love my lipsticks though;Kiss beauty,Charlotte Tilbury and especially the classic lip stain…The oxblood one that I don’t seem to know it’s name.

  2. Let’s see. I have lipglosses, Mac powder, marykay foundation, powder and foundation brush, eye-shadow and an old toothbrush lol

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