The ‘Boyfriend’ Jeans …

imageHey guys!

I’ve got this one person I love raiding his wardrobe (Big grin). It started out with his all so cool tees, to his accessories. Now, I have graduated to his jeans hehe.

I recently got forbidden from going close to his wardrobe cos of my erm ‘hobby’ , so imagine my sheer delight when he called me up one fine afternoon to say he’s got these new pair of jeans he’s never worn for me. Did I wait for the call to end? errrr no. I was over at his in a jiffy lool.


Even though they are Boyfriend jeans, they fit almost perfectly.


There are some days I get tired of wearing jeans that fit like second skin especially with how hot it gets these days, so I’m super glad I’ve got these now.


My choice of shoes with this outfit on a regular day would be a pair of really cool sneakers. I’m sure by now, you all can tell I am not a fan of heels, but I paired it up with two different pairs of heels just to show how little details like the color of your shoes can make your outfit pop more.



Undoubtedly the most comfy pair of jeans I own at the moment.


Totally and absolutely in love with my ‘boyfriend’ jeans.

Toodles darlings and remember your vote is your voice 🙂


14 Replies to “The ‘Boyfriend’ Jeans …”

  1. Hi Epiphany.I love your easy style of writing.I’m sure you love what you do.u’re also very good with your combinations.enjoy your jeans

    1. Oooh yes I do love what I do. Thank you so much.

  2. Hmmmm, boyfriend jeans, do I go out and actually get one in a shop or do I have to have a bf? Just saying

    1. Loool. You can get them in stores but isn’t it actually cool to have a boyfriend you can wear his jeans? Loool…just saying.

  3. Lovely! I like the combo. You sure look comfortable in it. I do need me some ‘boyfriend’ jeans. 😉

    1. Thank you. A pair can be arranged. You can send me an email…Wink.

      1. Please arrange one reach my side too ohhhhhhhhh.

  4. Akouwa Oluoma Grace says: Reply

    Nice outfit gurl…u slayed it

  5. That blouse is the truth. I love your easy style.

    What’s In my bag

    1. Thank yooou. Oh love your blog btw..

  6. l love your new “hobby”. i think its cute to do such at times but don’t quote me o …LOL

  7. I like the blouse, both looks are nice but I prefer look 2.

    1. Thank you bookie…

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