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Cake Flair & The Bourffe Bistro Love Affair…

  Cake flair & the Bourffe Bistro is the perfect and my new go to place when I want to indulge in some cake and pastry goodness guilt free…

DIY Beaded Denim & Wake, Pray, Slay Tee

  A few days ago, I put up a post on instagram talking about how I saw a cute pair of beaded denim with a N10,000 price tag. As a woman on a budget, I […]

Sarcasm, Monochrome X Inscription Tees 2

Once upon a time in my life, the inscription on this tee was so apt. So apt, it got me into trouble a couple of times. Sarcasm comes naturally to me but I’m trying to […]

Inscription Tees & Distressed Ankara Pants + Giveaway [Closed]

It’s no news that I love tees but inscription tees are my absolute fav! They fit right into my everyday personal style as I am a tee shirt and jeans girl…

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Hey Guys! I get pretty upset when I have to go out and I don’t have a pouch to put my sunglasses in. They end up getting scratched or even broken, So to help me […]

The Bell Sleeve Dress – Zaful.com wishlist

Hey Loves! I have been crushing on the bell sleeve dress trend for a while now and I even sewed myself one as well and a top too (hit me up if you want one), […]

Fashion Infusion – African Meets Modern

Fashion Infusion ~ Mixture of African fashion and textiles blended with contemporary (Modern) fashion. 

Birthday, Growth & Giveaways

Hey darlings, Long time no post yea? You all will please have to forgive me especially as yesterday was my birthday (Look ma! I’m finally legal lol), so I get a free pass.

What’s In My MakeUp Bag…

When I go out and see some ladies with their faces well made up, I often wonder what’s in their makeup bags. Do they carry every single item used in case they need to reapply? […]

Accessorizing – How it can improve your wardrobe

Hey loves! Did you know or do you believe that… Accessorizing is truly the spice of an outfit. Most times, people tend to compliment your accessories before anything else. I personally believe that an outfit […]