What’s In My MakeUp Bag…


When I go out and see some ladies with their faces well made up, I often wonder what’s in their makeup bags. Do they carry every single item used in case they need to reapply? Same way I wonder what people like me carry and by people like me, I mean those of us who cannot makeup to save our lives lol.

Now I’m wondering if you guys are wondering what’s in mine?🤔

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Accessorizing – How it can improve your wardrobe


Hey loves! Did you know or do you believe that…

Accessorizing is truly the spice of an outfit. Most times, people tend to compliment your accessories before anything else. I personally believe that an outfit without the proper accessories is just going to look all plain Jane and somewhat tacky.

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Styling The Baby Doll Dress & Feeling Girlie…

Hi Darlings

TGIF! Right. I am excited for other reasons and can’t wait for Sunday.

I must say that I am grateful for the constant love you all show me on and off the blog. It’s truly amazing, and I must say, you guys are the real MVPs.

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