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“Like every other storm, this too shall pass for I will not lose my faith in you God”.

– Gracey







The minute I got this sweatshirt, I immediately thought of pairing it with a pencil skirt. Most people tend to wear theirs with jeans or joggers but that’s so clichè. What’s the point if we cant be creative with this thing called ‘Fashion’ right?

I must confess that it’s a size or two bigger than what I would normally wear and waiting to fix it might take forever, and I had time to shoot the look, so I decided to fold in the lower band and belt it causing that peplum effect. Picking this skirt was a no brainer as it compliments the colors on the sweatshirt.

I’m pretty excited it’s been raining because the heat we have been experiencing is worse than the worst nightmare you’ve ever or will ever have. (Point made?) and it gives me the opportunity to wear cool pieces like this one.

We all have different sense of style so I’d like to read your thoughts on how I styled this outfit and how you would style yours.

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  1. I never would have guessed it was a sweatshirt! I’ve been seeing the picture on your Instagram profile pic and waiting for the post, it was worth it. I like the combination of blue and yellow and now that I’ve finally gotten a yellow blouse, blue pants coming up next yo!

    1. You finally got a yellow blouse? *moonwalks* I cant wait to see how you pair it.

  2. Hrmph!

    Gracey the chicken! (???? for emphasis) You could have tried to wear it over-sized na! Come over to the oversized side!

    I do love the colours- it makes for a creative styling. Nice pictures, love the location.

    Love the quote BTW. “Gracey” seems to suit you ????. (P.S: Don’t kill me because of the chicken thing please)


    1. Hey love,

      You really want me to cross over to the ‘over size’ side. Hmmm. Lol you get away for calling me a chicken cos ive got love for you.

  3. Hi Grace,

    Pretty lady! I love this look. The colours are so vibrant. I agree with you, fashion should be able to push the envelope sometimes. I like how you paired it with a pencil skirt, very lady like. The belt adds a nice touch.

    Knowing myself, I would have gone the clichéd route and paired it with light-weight joggers but with strappy sandals for a dressy feel.

    Ah! Thank God for the rain, the heat has been unbearable.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

    1. Hi Nedu…

      Yes, the strappy sandals will def give it a dressy look. Thanks for reading as always.

  4. I like the blue and yellow combo.

    I would have worn it with jeans or leggings and heels.

    BTW, isn’t it too hot to wear a sweatshirt now?

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. That’s why I’m glad the rain is here. I wear sweatshirts on cool days

  5. Proud of you ‘bobo’. Busco

  6. I’m boring, il wear slim jeans and heels. Opari.

  7. I love the sweat shirt! But I figured I’d be sweating a lot if I wear that this season.
    Apparently the Sun isn’t done with us yet….the rain is for the heat to get worse ;(
    BTW you have a beautiful song playing in the background, although it’s played without my consent _^_


    1. Hi June.
      Unfortunately, the sun isnt done with us yet. Sorry about the song playing without your consent. It can be paused if you rather not have it playing while reading.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I would have worn it oversized mannn, 90% of my sweatshirts are sizes bigger than my normal.. I think I love them that way.
    But great styling, especially with the yellow skirt!!


    1. You and Ijenna are the queens of oversize.
      Thanks b!

    1. Thank you Desirèe

  9. Wow! Nice. Had to take a 2nd look to confirm that it’s a sweatshirt.
    Love the colors. Love the combo.

    For me, jeans & sandals and off I go.

    1. Lol alot of people would do Jeans…

  10. Would have never figured it was a sweatshirt, love the way you styled it. Just got blue pants yesterday time for the yellow shirt lol

  11. Oversized! With jeans. I am capable of wearing jeans 365 days a year.
    The colour and pattern is everything. ❤️

    1. That was me a few years ago. Now I try to wear dresses and gowns.

  12. Pretty colours!!! The pictures are clear and so nice, Grace.

  13. Oh that’s a sweat shirt, I wouldn’t have guessed. Love the colours and the quote at the top.


  14. Your sandals are calling my name oh!looks really comfy????Yellow is one colour that scares me but it looks so good on u. I wouldn’t have guessed the top was a sweatshirt coz of the peplum effect. Great styling.


    1. Thanks love. And as for the shoes ????????????inserts *styleplus call my name* track

  15. Stunning colour combo! I love the idea of pairing a sweatshirt with a pencil skirt! 🙂

  16. I use to think sweatshirts are those long sleeves v-neck polo shirts. When I saw the ankara I thought it was a different feature image.

  17. What a vibrant and beautiful outfit.
    Love, Fads

  18. That print is life. ????

  19. Style is a personal expression. I like how you styled the sweatshirt. Weirdly, it is exactly how I’d have worn it too!

    Sweatshirt + pencil skirt + belt.

    Perfect combo, Gracey. 🙂

    1. Yaaay I’ve got a style sister. Yaaay

  20. hehehe…I had to scroll back up when Tang mentioned it was a sweat shirt. lovely!!! I most likely would have worn it oversized with a long pencil skirt and pumps; or with jeans and wedged sneakers..lol. lovely look hun


  21. Lol I actually never knew it was a sweatshirt until mentioned. The colours are super cool. Love the look ????


    1. Hi Eunice. Thank yoooou

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