Style Crush … Precious.

imageHey Guys!

Today, I’d like you all to meet Precious, a long time friend whose personal style I love. Right from our university days, she has always made a statement with the way she dresses. While I was and still is the conservative one, she has always dared, not afraid to take risks with the way she dresses.

 Personally, I would describe her style as bold and edgy, yet executed effortlessly.  I love how she can go from ripped jeans to a traditional attire to a beautiful evening gown and still look amazing. Her style is hardly predictable as she always switches up every outfit.


I know for certain that she loves blazers. That, I call her signature look. She also  has a thing for black just like me and loves white as well.









Precious is also a personal shopper and runs the @pweetclassyshop on Instagram.

Her personal handle is @pweetypee.

What do you think loves?



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    I love the handbag in d very first photo, what’s the name precious?

    1. It’s a Calvin Klein darl. Thank you.

  2. Precious is someone I look up to cuz of her fashion brands. Thanks for shedding more light on what she does.

  3. Dear Blogger, you forgot to add this: she’s a Holy Ghost Sister! A carrier of Jesus! This gurl can preach… She’s soooooo smart. In sec sch, her head was on fire for books. She was the best in mathematics and sciences…
    Beauty and Brains…
    This lady will go places and will be sorted by the high and mighty. #markMyWords


  4. Wow!!! She has a heart of Gold, a goal getter. I just love precious and what she stands for. She does her job with so much enthusiasm and with so much pleasure. She’s collective and Calculated when she’s on any out fit. Thank you for doing this Epiphany29.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you stay.

  5. Love this ..!!

  6. Epiphany just gave me the adjective I had been looking for; Style Crush Precious. 😉

  7. Thanks Gracey. I appreciate. And to everyone that has left a comment I appreciate also. And to the entire Epiphany29 team, y’all are doing a great job, I believe in you. Y’all stop by at for more fashion education, news, trends, tips, etc

    All friends of PweetyClassy should be friends of Epiphany29.
    God bless us all.

    1. Awwww, thanks love. XOXO

  8. Beautiful, lovely

  9. She is beautiful…..Her style game is on point.

  10. She’s hot. Is it just me or does she look like Chika Ike.

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