Stuntn’ Like Shaba Ranks.


Hey loves!

Doing good? I’d like to say a big thank you for all the love and for the comments especially the ones on my last post. Your comments keep me going.

Pay no mind to my post title. *dodges rotten pepper* hehehe. My friend kinda put it in my head and I like it so yup, it stays. Moving on, as at when I took these pictures, I didn’t own a pair of leggings (I do now though rme). I’m not really a fan cos of the tacky ones I’ve seen. You know those ones that are all shiny, plus the ones that aren’t thick enough so when you take a picture at night your whole body is on display? Lol that’s just plain nasty and honestly I haven’t really needed one until recently.

Anyway, I decided to wear my sisters pop socks since I didn’t have the liver to wear the dress shirt alone. I paired it with my black wedges I seem to have neglected, and my uber cool retro sunnies copped from The5kshop  😎 .







I’m definitely feeling myself in this outfit and pictures .

Shirt – @Khalifa_vintage.

Hol up Hol up guys, I found this video on YouTube and though to share. I personally think this guy is amazing hehehe.


15 Replies to “Stuntn’ Like Shaba Ranks.”

  1. Love d dress shirt and glasses, looks diff wid d socks. Have a fab week

    1. Thank you love. Have a fab week too.

  2. I like this outfit, I see myself wearing it. I like the leggings /tight addition, it really elevated it. You look fab.

    1. Thank you dear…

  3. You never cease to amaze me. Your fashion sense is so on point. Niceeeeeee.

  4. Hi Grace,

    In the first photo where the belt isn’t visible, the outfit has as nice seventies vibe to it.

    You look lovely !

    1. Thank you ‘Chi baby’ hehehe.

  5. U’ve got style girl. I particularly love your pose in the third picture, beautiful outfit.
    @the video thanks for posting it cos I heard of d guy that sang “all of me” in fuji buh haven’t seen it. He won the show too.

    1. Thanks darl. Oh thats great, I didnt know he won

  6. titilola yewande says: Reply

    Lovely and classy

  7. Love the shirt, the print is amazing. Need to check this Khalifa vintage out, love the whole vibe of your outfit. Your glasses are super cute.
    The Diva Diaries


  8. Amazing outfit ! I love it !

    Follow me on GFC, I alway follow back.

  9. hmmm, I think I like it without the belt but sha I cant lie, you worked that shirt well! Your style is too awesome, I love it.

    1. ???????????????? thanks dear

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