Skirt Series || Stripes On Stripes.


Hey guys!

This week will be tagged ‘The Skirt Series’ week. For me, this might be a bit of a challenge as I prefer wearing pants and jeans to skirts and dresses but let’s see how It goes 🙂

Dressing up cheers me up even if I have no where to go. I don’t mind spending the whole day in my room with all my clothes all over the place, mixing and matching pieces together. This act alone reminds me of clothes I might have forgotten (even though I tend to switch my clothes arrangement every now and then so I see what’s under or what I haven’t worn in a while) so I guess its safe to say, this act alone helps me be more creative with the clothes I have.

I have owned this stripped top and this stripped skirt for a while now and for some reason I have never thought of pairing them together. Not that I don’t think stripped items can’t be paired, but I can’t always remember and visualise what and what I have in my wardrobe. I think I will try out the wardrobe capsule method as mentioned on Cassie Daves blog. It’s a way of maximizing what’s in your wardrobe. You can read her post on it here.

I initially wanted to pair this stripped skirt with a print top but this stripped top caught my eye as I was arranging the mess I had made. I guess the print top will just have to wait for its turn then.






This skirt is actually an A – Line skirt and the material is thick and has this elastic feel to it. Too bad I didn’t stand properly for you all to see it the way the skirt really stands but you can sort of tell from the first picture.  Maybe next time though. It’s a beeyuteeful skirt and I’m wondering why I don’t wear it. SMH!!!

Its fascinating how much the fashion world has evolved. Many years ago, pairing stripes on stripes or prints on prints or prints on stripes even, would have been looked at as awkward. But here we are, doing all sorts with fashion and I’m loving it. Its so liberating if you know what I mean. But like I say, who makes all these rules even? I think that if it looks good then it’s a yes for me.

What do you think?



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  1. Stripes on stripes will always be a win for me, same with pairing prints together.
    I like this skirt! Do a giveaway lol!

    1. Loool. Thanks dear. Who knows, I just might.

  2. Looking good gal. Love d heels, skirts fit u.

  3. says: Reply

    Beautiful bag

  4. U have always looked good on skirts. You shud do them more often. Like the combo. Really NICE

  5. Lovely combo. Love the way the first two shots were taken.

    1. Thank you darling.

  6. Your skirt is really beeyuteeful, now I want a striped skirt.

    I love how you paired it with a striped print rather than a solid color.

    Looking forward to the rest of the Skirt Series.

  7. The combination makes it look like a dress tho. Nice one

  8. Amazing pairing 🙂

  9. My favourite look among the skirt series.

    1. Yaaay. Thank you.

  10. Also my fave in the series!
    I also like the red heart print skirt

    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Thank you Jen… xoxo

  11. I have never really taken the risk of combining patterns.way to go girl its only for the bold.Shoes are killers

    1. Thanks dear. You should try it too

  12. The color blue with stripes? That’s a win for me! I would like to see you wear it with other colours too. Lovely shoes.

    1. Sure thing love. When I do, I’ll tag you.. Thanks dear

  13. Strips on Strips ???????????? and your shoes just does it for me. Pretty ????????

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