Saturday n Errands …


Saturday for some of us is errand day. It’s probably the only day we can ‘try’ and get things done ‘cos there’s work during the week and Sunday is rest day after church abi?

So its either the trip to the market for foodstuff, to the salon to get your hair and nails done, to that tailors place who never runs out of excuses why your dress isn’t ready, or in my case could be shopping for a client or clients or somewhere sha, and for all you know, these errands can take the whole day.


Some of us believe that since its just ‘errands’ we can wear anything we want to. Some ladies go as far as wearing their hairnets out (arrrgh), after all its a Saturday right? Hmmm. I prefer to run my own errands in style. Who knows who I could run into. I mean, fancy running into August Alsina and I’m looking bleh. Oh! a girl can sure dream. LOL.


Yesterday, a client asked me to shop for her. I knew it was going to take up the better part of my day so without any makeup and earrings on (I actually forgot about earrings), I decided to wear my multicolored stripped joggers and black tee, cos for me, it’s all about comfort. Yup! Comfort first.

I love how this backpack can go from being carried like a backpack to being carried like a shoulder bag. All you need to do is clip the hooks on each side.image


imageI’m still not over my cool black power hand bands I got from bland2glam. I’m sure you guys will be seeing a lot of these hand bands in my posts so bear with me 🙂

I contemplated wearing flip flops but changed to my sneakers as I was heading out. I feel like what’s missing is a fedora right?

My sister keeps teasing me that I’m getting fat. *sniff sniff*. That girl has no chill whatsoever. Remember guys the giveaway ends today so leave your comments in the comment box below and like I said, a winner will be picked using the random name picker tool.

Outfit Deets.

Multicolored stripped joggers – Payporte

Black Tee – Fashpa

Black power hand bands – Bland2glam

Backpack – Payporte

Sneakers – Big sis

Ladies, got errands to run? Please leave the hairnets at home ooo lol. Enjoy your Saturday darlings.



19 Replies to “Saturday n Errands …”

  1. Nancy Nuell says: Reply

    Yh I hated Saturdays until I got married, I can do my clean up whenever I want :D, 2nd comment… fingers crossed, hope I win

  2. Nancy Nuell says: Reply

    I love my hairnets though, helps me keep my hair up

    1. I haaaaaaate hairnets lol.

  3. Lol @ sneakers – big sis .
    The hairnet issue drives me nuts too. Although sometimes it might just be too hard to get out the hair brush

    1. Exactly. That’s why I braid most of the time.

  4. Loving the joggers. Extra cool.

  5. Honestly I don’t look forward to Saturdays…except of course there’s a wedding to attend! Even so, it’s still the ‘blandest’ of weekdays.

  6. Nt a bad post @ all..ladies+ hairnet on satdays? Hian..nice combo #goodone.

  7. Interesting read my daughter. Lol

    1. Daughter eh? Lol

  8. Obasuyi Michael says: Reply

    Hmmmm.. Do i need hairnet as a man? lol.. just reading for my gal

    1. Give her the blog link too o..

      1. Obasuyi Michael says: Reply

        Yes o… have done that

  9. Lovely pants. Lol @ August Alsina. I really have to Google this person cos I see his name on many mcm lists these days.

    1. He’s the hottest of them hotties on my list atm. loool
      Thank you

  10. I sincerely appreciate that you choose to look your best even when you are simply running errands. I love the stripes.

    Speaking of hairnets, a sight that always baffles me is seeing ladies out and about with bendy rollers in their hair. Like for real?! Are the rollers supposed to be a fashion accessory?

    1. Thank you love! Where have you been girl?, carrying those rollers out is the new alice band. Lool.

  11. That whole hairnet look just irks me, seeing girls with bendy rollers is the worst for me. Love the joggers.

    1. Hehehe, I know right. Thank you and thanks for stopping by.

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