Recap – Christmas Weekend.


Boy have I missed you all. I haven’t felt like blogging ever since I was robbed and I thought this would be my worst holiday ever but…

All that changed when I finally decided to attended an old classmates wedding on Saturday. I’m not a fan of weddings so it took me quite a while to make up my mind to go. It was a simple but very nice wedding. Enough food to go around and yes there was small chops (if you attend a wedding and small chops is missing, pls collect your asoebi money fast). I met a few classmates and it was good to see them again. Come Sunday, I attended yet another wedding and had fuuuun. The after party was a blast, I even danced *covers face*

On monday, a few friends and I travelled to Hi Impact park. Yes, I say travelled cos I saw the good bye to lagos state sign. Hi Impact is after MFM on Lagos Ibadan express way. I was pretty excited until we got there and the entrance fee was, wait for it… N15,000. Whaaaaaat?! Imagine 7 of us paying 15k. We eventually got a subsidized rate and all was well with the world again.

Hi Impact has mad rides. There’s the high carousel, the high swing or whatever its called, the ski ride, the boeing 777 ride, you name it. All mind cutting rides I tell you. I went on two rides and realised my heart couldnt take it so I watched while the others had fun.

I still don’t have a phone with a good camera and I didn’t take my camera along so the pictures arent so clear but oh well. Here’s a recap.

Recap – Christmas Weekend.

RecapSaturdays Outfit.

Recap4Sundays Outfit.




Me freaking out while the lil kids were yaaaying and whoo-ing and asking for more -_-

For more pictures and videos, you can check out my Instsgram page. How did you spend the Christmas weekend loves?

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16 Replies to “Recap – Christmas Weekend.”

  1. I made d sweetest jollof rice eva and prayed everybody wld just go out and leave me alone. They didn’t go anywhere oooo.

    1. Dont you just love a full house.. hehe

  2. I was sick the whole weekend! In fact from Christmas morning. I literally spent it lying down on the floor too weak to do anything.

    But thank God, I’m getting better now.

    Glad to see you’re feeling better.

    1. Ooh ooh. So sorry Berry. I hope youre feeling much better now. Hugs and kisses.

  3. You had fun. Awwn. I wan to say I wish I was you but I think I spent the Christmas exactly the way I wanted aka sleeping and eating, I didn’t want to be bothered. Lol. Compliments of the season sweets.

    1. Sleeping and eating is the norm for me so im glad i could go out

  4. Welcome back oooo, I missed you. Looks like you had fun, cry cry baby lmao. Compliments of the season hun.

    1. Hey love. Missed you too. Yes I agree. Im a cry baby. Wait till you try the rides.

  5. I see someone had so much fun!! It’s needed tho..beautiful outfits u rocked.. wishing you an exciting n amazing 2016..

    1. Thanks Elsie. Wishing you the very best too.

  6. My Christmas weekend wasn’t so much fun. Although I went to the cinema and saw the movie “Fifty”, I ended up really ill at night all through sunday. Seemed like you had fun amidst the scare sha. Nice pics.

    1. Oh oooh. I hope youre feeling alot better?

  7. Aww, so sorry to hear you were robbed.
    On the plus side your weekend sounds like so much fun!
    15k? I will turn back and be going to Lagos

  8. Ha! I’m going there tomorrow, can’t wait. I know I won’t do too many rides, ’cause I’m scared of heights, but still looking forward to it.

    Happy New year Hun and welcome back 🙂

    1. If youre going there you might as well enjoy all the rides and scream your heart out loool

  9. Hi Grace,

    You had a lot of fun. The only time I went on one of those mad rides, I almost fainted from fright. Never again!

    I love the floral dress you wore for the Sunday wedding.

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