Polka Dots, Body Suits & Maxi Dresses

Polka Dots

Polka dots aren’t really my thing. I am more of a stripes and grids type of girl…

But I admire the pretty polka dot dresses, skirts, outfits generally I see people wearing, never admired them enough to own any though, until now.

Complicated much?  Lol nope!  

I put up  this post on Saturday gushing over spaghetti strap maxi dresses, little did I know that I would get a blogger mail from Zaful with this beauty in it. 

I won’t lie, I was a little bit skeptical at first but how can I conclude I don’t really like something if I’ve never tried it right?

Polka Dots…polka dots

Polka Dots

Polka Dots

polka dots

polka dots

polka dots

polka dots

polka dots

polka dots

I was a little conflicted when it came to styling it. Should I wear it without an inner piece?

Should I wear something inside? The latter won as I like to stay true to me and my style.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing this dress alone, but I’m a conservative dresser.

To each his own right?  

I kept my accessories very simple. Opted for colored rings just to add a little more to my look.

I think the dots are gradually growing on me.

Dress – Zaful

Bodysuit – Balogun market

Rings – @pinsandclips

Sandals – Balogun market.

Shades – can’t remember

Do I have any polka dot lovers?  

Kisses loves!!!

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18 Replies to “Polka Dots, Body Suits & Maxi Dresses”

  1. I loveeeeeeee polka dots 😍😍😍😍😍😍 nd u look great in it.

    1. Thanks alot Jolade. Mwah

  2. I am so in love with your effortless slay. Your personal style works so well for you. Lol I guess that’s why its called personal style. Keep it up girl.

    1. Hey Sophie. Steady making a sister blush eh? Thanks for reading.

  3. I’m not such a fan of polka dots but I love the way you styled this dress. I see myself layering also layering with this item too.

    1. Hi dear. I tried the dress without the bodysuit and felt alil odd. I went to the market today and saw tons of polka dot fabrics. I’ll take that as a sign maybe? Lol

  4. Minimalist mama. I’m a fan of polka dts, I need to get in on the trend soon. I want bodysuit ooo! Love the casual look.

    1. Lol you know me. I like to keep it simple and clean. You should totally get on the trend. I’m sure you will kill it.

  5. Really Kool. Laid back. Love d length.

  6. I love how you wore this dress. And I agree, it can be worn both ways. Not just because one is a conservative dresser. The weather might just be too cold oor something. LoL
    Nice post….xxxx


    1. Well that’s another angle there. I’m sure for the hot days a tube will suffice. Thanks for reading dear

  7. Awesome girl! Now I need to go get me some polka dots anything. Good one coming from my daughter. Been ages dear.

    1. Yaaaaaaaaay, small mummy, its been ages. Whoop whoop. Thanks alot. Mwah

  8. You did good adding the inner piece it gives the look a bohemian feel .

    1. Hey. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment. 💋

  9. I love the maxi dress….

  10. You Look Awesomely Amazing, Me Likey Da Style

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