Denim Culottes

Denim Culottes, Body Suit & Quirky Purses

  Hi darlings! Long time no post right? Asides being under the weather, my grand mum passed so we have been preparing for the burial, plus I am the one sewing our asoebi (yes, I sew. send me a message …

Polka Dots

Polka Dots, Body Suits & Maxi Dresses

Polka dots aren’t really my thing. I am more of a stripes and grids type of girl…

spaghetti strap maxi dress

Spaghetti strap maxi dress

The spaghetti strap maxi dress is slowly becoming a new obsession for me. They are so chic,comfortable and easy to style…

Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves, Ankara & Denim

  Bell sleeves are so in right now and I’ve caught the bug big time. I can’t count how many tops and dresses I have made with these sleeves and I know for a fact that I will make some more.

Wearable Art

Denim Jacket + Creativity = Wearable Art

   Denim will never go out of style… Rather than going out of style, we will get to witness different, creative and interesting ways denim stays winning.

cake flair

Cake Flair & The Bourffe Bistro Love Affair…

  Cake flair & the Bourffe Bistro is the perfect and my new go to place when I want to indulge in some cake and pastry goodness guilt free…

Floral print long dress

Floral Print Long Dress –

  While on the look out for affordable dresses, I stumbled on the Rosegal site. I perused through stuff they had and I liked their collection of floral print long dresses. 

DIY Beaded Denim

DIY Beaded Denim & Wake, Pray, Slay Tee

  A few days ago, I put up a post on instagram talking about how I saw a cute pair of beaded denim with a N10,000 price tag. As a woman on a budget, I cannot afford to splurge on …

Wura Naturals

Wura Naturals Natural Hair & Body Product Review

Ever since I started my natural hair journey 3 years ago (or more, I stopped counting), I find myself tilting towards naturally made products not just for my hair but for my skin as well…


Sarcasm, Monochrome X Inscription Tees 2

Once upon a time in my life, the inscription on this tee was so apt. So apt, it got me into trouble a couple of times. Sarcasm comes naturally to me but I’m trying to tone it down before I …