One Year And Counting…


Hey loves! How was your weekend?

Before anything else, I’d like to announce that my blog is one year old today… Yaaaay!!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my avid readers. You guys are the reason this blog has made it this far. God bless you all real good.

one year 3

I have learnt quite a lot in this one year. I must confess that being consistent is no joke I tell ya. I’ve also learnt more about my self as well as made new friends. I’m truly grateful for all the love and support you all have shown. And to my clients, you all are simply amazing. Trusting me to shop for you guys and meeting your needs is no easy task but one I do with so much joy. Thank you.

one year2

Errrm I’m sorry I don’t have pictures with balloons and confetti, or even a tiara. Maybe next year. Lol.

one year 4

I’m planning a giveaway tho so you all should look out for that post.

one year5

It’s no secret that I’ve fallen in love with white pants, so I was very happy when big sis dashed me this pair of White chinos.

one year 6

I love the fact that it’s not exactly skinny and It’s also super comfy. I think I’m loosing weight sha cos it was almost falling off my waist lol.

one year7

one year 8

one year 8

 And now to show you how awesome you all are..

Total Blog stats

on year

A whopping 128, 170 total views in one year. I’m humbled. God bless you.

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29 Replies to “One Year And Counting…”

  1. Congratz gracey .. Wishing you more productive years ahead.. your outfit I like.

    1. Elsie darling. If I haven’t thanked you properly for all the times you’ve cleared your schedule just to take my pictures, I’m saying a massive thank you now. Mwah

  2. A year already, wow funny how time flies when ure killing it. U go gal. Keep it up.

    1. Another faithful reader. Thank you sooooo much girl. God bless.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday!

    And you have done sooooooo well! 128k views in a year?! Well daaaaaaaang!

    And and I like that bracelet you have on – the funny shaped one.

    And and and, cute outfit!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thank you so much Berry. I’m surprised myself.

  4. Whoop, Whoop! Congratulations Gracey! More blessings!

    You are so dedicated to delivering quality content, it’s very inspiring. I love how diverse your posts are. Your blog stats are so drool-worthy, and in just a year! well done babe. 😀

    White and Yellow is such a cool combo, you look very lovely. I love the slightly slouchy look of the pants, relaxed-chic outfit.

    1. Nedoux darling, I’d like to say a special thank for always visiting my blog and for all your encouraging words/comments. You rock!!!

  5. Aww Congrats Grace!!! More to come in the next year!! Lovee your shoes btw

    1. Thanks darling and Amen.

  6. Congratulations Grace!
    Here’s wishing you many more years of even more success!

    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Thank you so much Jen.

  7. Go go Gracie, it’s your blog Day! LOL! Congrats girl! Mny more years in awesome posts and gorgeous outfits. I’m definitely looking up to more from you now. Thanks for the constant inspiration.

    1. Hehehe thanks love…

  8. Congratulations my darling. There so much more beautiful things to come dear. God’s grace. I love your outfit, the slouchy-ness of the pants just makes everything right. Have a fabulous day.

    1. Thanks so much love.

  9. Well done! Congratulations on this milestone
    Fashion Hub With Tosyne

    1. Thank you so so much…

  10. Shoes! <3
    Here's to many more years of blogging and making money!

    1. @Bookie n @cassandra, thanks darlings.

  11. Happy blog anniversary girl!!

  12. Congratulations and wishing you bigger clients. That is a lot of traffic for one year. I’m just staring at that bracelet.

  13. Congrats Gracey I am so happy for you!!! Where’s the party gorra be? I love your pants, and your hair too is that wool???

    1. Thanks love. The party will hold sooooon. Watch out!!!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Coming late yes, still heart felt. 128,170 blog post in a year!! Bad guy!!

    1. Haba!!! It’s 128,170 views thanks still.

  15. Congratulations dear, just went through your blog. its pretty amazing, You do mixture of both fashion and lifestyle quite well.

    1. Thank you so mych Mabel…

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