One Dress, Three ways.


Hi Darlings!

Welcome to the month of August! It’s crazy and amazing how time flies you know. Soon we’ll be singing christmas carols and wishing each other a happy new year. May God keep us all, Amen!

The beauty of clothes and fashion generally is the fact that you can wear an item in so many cool/different ways. You can turn what seems like a plain boring outfit into something not so plain and boring. Today, I’m showing you all three different ways I styled my ‘Little Black Dress’ A.K.A LBD.

I probably should have taken a picture of the dress on its own before the different ways I styled it but I know you all get the idea.


Look 1.

Paired my LBD with my snood and a belt. You can use a scarf if you don’t have a snood.

This look is part formal and part casual I think lol. I also wore my snood here.



Look 2.

I paired my LBD with my monochrome jacket. This look is simply perfect for work

or corporate meetings.



Look 3. Wore my monochrome skirt over my LBD. Now we have a fun, flirty look. Perfect for events, parties you name it.

It occurred to me after I drafted this post that everything I paired the dress with is black and white. The love for these colors though hehehe.

I hope this post inspires you on how to switch up that plain outfit you’ve been wondering what to do with in your wardrobe.


10 Replies to “One Dress, Three ways.”

  1. Woow all d combos are so beautiful. Gigi your fashion sense so always on point… keep it up.

    1. Thank you so much Elsie…

  2. Oh nice. I like the different ways you styled the dress. The third look is my fav.

  3. Me so love d first look….

  4. Nice combinations you’ve got there. Creative ways to wear a dress. Thanks for the tip.

    Check this out too

  5. Hang on, did you change your blog look?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. Hey Grace,

    I love the new look of your blog, feels like a freshly painted room 🙂

    Yes, I believe clothes should be enjoyed, See… if it has rocked my wallet, I’m definitely rocking it wella wella!

    You look beautifully styled, all three ways.

  7. I love pairing my lbd with skirts, it always drives my mum crazy LOL! all combos are very nice btw.

    1. Thank you. ????????????

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