Olive X Mustard – Inspired By FineIgboGirl..


Hi Loves…

I just realised that apart from this blog being part of my passion, it’s also my release, my lil escape cos no matter what I’m dealing with, I find time to come here and feel alil better, well for a lil while..

This post was inspired by Fineigbogirl who recently put up a post capturing Olive in the cutest way I’ve ever seen. I really liked her post and outfit and decided to try it out. Olive is not a color id readily think of, but here I am falling in love cos of the way she brought it to life.

Olive X Mustard Love…







I decided to pair mine with this cute mustard skater skirt which is slightly out of my comfort zone cos it’s super short. I initially planned two looks for this outfit but my big sis didn’t know how to work the camera, so those pictures didn’t come out well at all. These ones tried lol.

What’s your take on this outfit and the  Olive color? Hey Fineigbogirl, here’s a warm hug and a big kiss for you.


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27 Replies to “Olive X Mustard – Inspired By FineIgboGirl..”

  1. Awwwh, u look so lovely,love d colours. Heels and everything. Nice one.

    1. Thank you so much Efe.

  2. Nice outfit. You look great.

    1. Yaaay Biggest bro!!! Thank you.

  3. I like olive and the only thing I have in that colour is an oversize boyfriend jacket. Maybe I would try it with yellow or something this Christmas. You have hot legs na so sometimes you gotta flaunt jare. Love everything.

    1. The colors sure feel like Christmas. Thanks love…

  4. I love.

  5. Fine girl!

    Both colours compliment each other beautifully, I like the playful poses and the girly length of the skirt.

    I feel the same way too, blogging is an outlet for me, and the best part is the lovely virtual friendships that I have made because of it. 🙂

    1. Hi Nedu,

      Thank you so much. And yes, I love how blogging has created virtual friendships I hope to actualise someday. it’s amazing…

  6. Olive and mustard, beautiful colors……… you look great…

    1. Thank you Mysranne….

  7. Awwwwwn someone is such a babygirllll!!! ???????????? and I love that last picture ehn *one leg up* Lol… Thank you for the inspiration credit too ❤❤❤

    1. Ooh nooo, thank you for the inspiration…


  8. Oshey hot stuff!
    You and Nessa are just giving us in olives!

  9. I definitely wouldn’t have thought of olive and mustard together till I saw this. They definitely go well and btw, legs!!! Love..

    1. Hiii.. Thank you. I love your blog. The DIY mistress.

  10. Olive and green def goes together. Love that skirt


  11. You should def show us more legs!! They are so spotless and nice ahh.

    1. Hahahaha Toyin ooo. I have spots o. Small small ones. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Yummy! I have a similar top (does yours have subtle glitters?) anyway, you have inspired me. Watch out for my own olive outfit. Coming soon…

    Mira La Belle blog

    1. Heeey!! No, this hasnt got subtle glitters but ive got another that has that.. Cant wait for your post!!!

  13. The olive post inspired by you is up. Just thought to let you know.


  14. Jason Christopher says: Reply

    Professional comment – Nice clothing ensemble.
    My real thoughts – Those legs, girl! Hawt!!!


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