Nail Art? Me Likey!



Happy new months darlings. I know most people are pumped with excitement at the recent turn of events and to that I say lets embrace this change with open arms and open hearts. Sometimes we all want more and right  now I want more for my nails lool! I am a huge fan of well manicured and fun looking nails, but that hasn’t been the issue in my case.

Don’t get me wrong, I keep my nails clean and short but I want more. I want to bring my nails to life!!!! For some reason I’ve always thought that nails could only look cool when they are long and I don’t keep my nails long because they are way too soft plus I wear contacts. I sure don’t want to rip out my Iris along with the pupil and retina. Now, I have come to find out that even short nails can look nice. I was surfing the net for stuff I could do to my nails and found these cuties.










 I found two cool yet simple nail art tutorials on YouTube and thought to share.


I’m definitely going to try out one, if not all of these nail arts. I really like the pink and white one with the lil hearts. Good thing I’ve seen that they can be done on short nails as well and still look as nice. Good choice of polish to use would be the ‘Gel Polish’ I’m told as they don’t chip off easily or at all.

So no more ‘Plain Jane’ when it comes to my nails. Hooray!



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  1. Me like every nail and ama going try all of them, ok, im not adventurous but it’s my bday month, so I’m pumping things up, lol. Really nice, not over d top.

  2. Nail art is lovely when you get it right… short nails are so cool for me. although i am a guy, i find it hard keep long nails because it makes my hand dirty. i could cut them twice a week. hoping to see a post of which one you tried out.

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