Layering X Looking Like A School Girl.


I am not a fan of the color green but surprisingly, I am literally obsessed with this wall. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen my posts where I have used this wall as a backdrop a few times…

And the coolest thing is, I can edit my pictures and make the shade of the wall appear darker or lighter but that’s not why we are here. I just had to take a minute to appreciate the wall. #WallAppreciationDay.

Moving on! Another thing I’m loving is layering. Yes! And the weather has been pretty cool so I can get away with it. Wait before I proceed I’d like to check. I can call this layering right, well sort of? Yes? You can check out this post to see how I layered my other outfit.

I got this cute purple top  from a pop up sale which took place a little while ago and I sort of talked about in this post and I forgot all about it yet I keep screaming “I have nothing to wear” imagine! I simply paired it with my china white (remember my mini rant on the china white? You can read all about it here) and my slim fit white pants I think is a fashion item every girl should own.
I gave the post the title it has cos one of my friends mentioned I looked like a school girl in this outfit. (Rolls eyes).








PS: I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who take out time to read, comment and give feedback on my blog. You all are awesome and before I forget, the winner of the giveaway is Chakieeee!!!

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18 Replies to “Layering X Looking Like A School Girl.”

  1. Love this look!! And OMG do we have the same flats?? That’s the one I wear to school so totally killed the school girl look! ????

    1. Heeey Lade!

      Lol @same flats. Cool keeds? *I joke. Thanks b.

  2. Oshey slayer. You must be a very neat person oh for always putting up with white pants/trousers. Kudos, neatest miss on the block!

    1. Lol I believe I am… Hehe

  3. Definitely looking like a school girl????. Me I want your shoes, thanks in advance

    Beautifully June

    1. Thanks June and about the shoes errrr hehe

  4. You sure look like a school girl and I love the simplicity of your outfit.

    1. Thanks alot Funke…

  5. Screaming ‘school girl yas!’ Love how clean this looks.

    1. Hey baybay!!!!
      Thanks alot love.

  6. hey Gracey, why does my comment show awaiting moderation, please let me know if you can view my comment

    1. Hi. Yes I can view your comments.

  7. Love the love.I won’t get tired of saying i love your hair!!!

    1. Thanks alot NSG!!!

  8. I love green! And i’ve always wanted to get white pants, but I never have the courage. I got two last weekend and they weren’t my size so I just returned both. I’m looking forward to the day I rock white pants! (oh I just remembered I wore them once in 2004 for my grad from QC)… long time, but yeah.
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  9. I’m all about layering in this rainy season and Itotally dig this look. Freshhh! ????

  10. Pls these colourful walls that you all use, how do you go about it?? Its so nice and its bad i dont understand

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