Laid Back Wednesday With A little Attitude.

Laid back

Hey guys *waving frantically & grinning*

It sure feels good to be back. I won’t lie and say my blogging mojo is at a 100% but I hope to gradually ease back into it and so I’m kicking off with this laid back outfit post.

Laid back

This look wasn’t actually planned to be blogged. I have a few errands to run and somewhere to be by the end of the day and I wanted to be super comfortable in whatever I was wearing, because I go for comfort first when dressing up. #TrueStory!

Laid back

So I opted for my black joggers, my black punisher tee (Hey Kay), that actually glows in the dark and my yellow bucket bag for that pop of color. The attitude is all me hehehe. Totally laid back!!!

Laid back

And yes I love pictures and this wall in my house (nothing fancy, just the calm color), so after my sis and I were done with our mini photo session, which by the way has become a ritual, I thought hey! why not post them up on the blog.

Laid back

We used my phone to take the pictures and with a little help from Vscocam, I edited them as much as I could and ta-da!!! I don’t know if the pictures come out well on your devices but they look pretty good on mine. What’s the point having a phone if the camera isn’t any good and I can’t make do with when I’m not with my camera right?

Laid back

Just incase you’re wondering what my hair is, it’s actually crochet using one and a half expression attachment. After installing, I blow dried it then used a flat tong to straighten it out some more. It’s very light and I’m loving it.

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28 Replies to “Laid Back Wednesday With A little Attitude.”

  1. Haaaay! I love this. Please hook a girl up with joggers too and yeah I am coming for my crotchet soon.

    1. Lol thanks boo. You know I gat you!!!

  2. Lovely bag and chilled outfit

    1. Heeey love!

      Been a while. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Love the look. Pls where can I get the teeshirt?

    1. Thanks alot. Errrr I obtained mine from a friend lol.

  4. Comfy chic!

    I can’t belive you took these photographs with a phone, the shots came out really great. 🙂

    1. Heeeeey Nedu!!!

      I can’t believe it myself hehe.

  5. This looks so comfy and chic. Love it! and really like the bag too. Plus your phone did a really good job!!

    1. Hey Kachee.

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes!!! Im so glad my phone camera can deliver this well o. Saves me alot of camera stress

  6. Is it the same phone I know? Wow!
    I like the shirt. And I think I’m going to borrow that wall.. Lol.

    1. Nooo. Not the same phone you know o. Hehehe. Thanks b.

      The wall! Anytime #WallGang ?

  7. I want black joggers, should I come pick yours up? Looking super laid back and comfortable

    1. Chakieeeeee. Please dont come for the joggers o. Lol.

  8. I like! Come and gimme the bag na

    1. Thanks love. The bag eh? Hehehe…

  9. your hair is so nice,can you make a post on the Hair pls?

    1. Hello dear.

      I’ll def work towards it.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I like your laid back look and yes your hair, was really looking at it. Who would have thought that it’s crotchet braid. Very nice dear.

    1. Hi Ada.

      Thanks alot for your comment. Yea, It doesnt really look like crochet yea? Love it!

  11. Nice, nice and nice. Your hair and the laid back look so on point

  12. Just the fact the shirt glows in the dark tell me it’s mine. Never would have thought it’s crotchet , me it’s rage tee I want.

  13. Choiii! See me thinking you had a weave on and it was crotchet the whole time!??wow! Vscocam is the ish though.recently installed it but haven’t had time to use it. I love laid back looks for weekend outings and you nailed it.?

  14. I love your top!!! I cant believe your hair is crotchet tho it looks amazeballs….

    Nice look.

  15. yay!
    I love the look and i love black.. so i love the look more.
    the pics are amazing for a phone. And i love the hair.
    you look nice.

  16. yay!
    I love the look and i love black…so I love the look more. the pics are amazing for a phone and your hair is nice.
    you look good. love it.

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