How I Wear My TwentySix…

imageHi Guys!

It’s a brand new week and I’m pretty pumped up about it. I woke up feeling very positive about his week and I hope I infect people I come across with my positive vibe.

The other day at work I received my TwentySix parcel. For those of you wondering what TwentySix is, you can read my previous posts here and here. I couldn’t wait to get home and open my parcel. I loved the way it was packed and tied, plus the little note attached giving it that personalised feel.. Me likey.


I probably should have taken an up close picture of the skirt. It’s black (obviously) with leopard prints on it and the best part? It’s got this smooth velvety feel to it. Absolutely awesome.








This outfit was inspired by some high school movie I watched on Thursday. I liked the whole school girl look and thought to try it out. I almost didn’t pull it off cos I couldn’t find any pair of socks I own but after searching and searching, I found my never say die NYSC pair. Yes to NYSC loool. Oh yes, I got a lot of stares and comments cos of my outfit and I couldn’t stop laughing. I plan to dress up the skirt the next time I wear it though. Oh the beauty of TwentySix…

PS: I need a photographer ooo. I had to use my tripod and I kept getting scared that someone would grab it with my camera and run off. I’m no sprinter.

Have a fab week darlings.



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  1. I L♥√ع the things you bring abt aπϑ put together, so fascinating aπϑ heartwarming. Pls don’t stop, keep it up. Its great of you.

  2. Fashionista! I love the school gurl look n u look fab as always 😉 as for the photographer, how much are you willing to pay? (in pounds oo) 😀

  3. Ive been so insecure about the socks trend oh, chai, but I think id join you guys soon. Lemme just think of the best way to match it up. The skrt is everything! love love love it!

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