Hairstyle Review: Faux locs with Brazilian wool…


Hey Guys!

I trust you all had a swell weekend. Mine was fairly okay. Had to visit the hospital (been on meds for a little while now) and cos of work, I had to make my hair.

I have decided to try out reviews on the blog. Hair, make up, restaurants, anything re viewable lol and I’m starting with my hair.  I saw this hairstyle on a lady at the hospital and I liked it a lot. It’s very different from any of the ‘faux locs’ people carry these days or any I’ve seen so yup, I decided to try it out. Hers was shorter though but I like my braids long.

  • Hairstyle: Faux locs with Brazilian wool.
  • Color: Black
  • Price: 300 per bundle (she initially charged 350)
  • Bundles used: 8 (just a bit remained after we completed the hair)
  • Charge: N3,000  (stylist refused to budge claiming the length was more work)
  • Total cost: N5, 400
  • Duration: 5 hrs 30 mins (You’ll see why).
  • Method: My hair was matted with the wool then wrapped (same way you would thread your hair but with spaces). 8 strands per loc was used.


That’s what the Brazilian wool looks like. It’s super light and has his wavy look. The strands are quite thin as well.


Thick and full head of hair. That’s why we used 8 bundles of the Brazilian wool plus the length.


Hair matted and wrapped. The wrapping stops exactly where my hair is, then the ‘threading begins’. This works as my hair is natural (not relaxed) so it should last longer this way.




Tips were wrapped and the ends were burnt. Hair was dipped into hot water, oiled and a little gel was applied on the body of the wool.


  • The wool is super light.
  • Can be packed in so many different ways.


  • It’s quite painful cos just like thread it’s stiff at first. The stylist didn’t dab my hair with a hot towel like they normally do, so I had to do it myself when I got home. Instant relief I tell you.
  • Flatter Bum. 5hrs is no joke.

That’s about it guys. People love it and have been collecting the stylists number. My sis even got hers done yesterday. copy copy .

Oh and thanks Mum for taking some of the pictures. You rock!!!


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