Gtb fashion week

Gtbank fashion weekend – My Experience

The just concluded Gtbank fashion weekend was a very impressionable event and I’m glad I attended… 

As a first timer at the Gtbank fashion weekend, I kept an open mind hoping to have an amazing time.

Gtbank fashion weekend
One of the models…

Props were set up in a way one would think they we’re walking the streets of some exotic place screaming fashion.

There was an arena with cute little umbrellas and seats where people could relax and drink in all the fashion goodness being served.

The place was alive with vendors showcasing their wares. Drinks & food vendors weren’t left out.

I got there a few minutes to 1pm as the first master class was slated for 1pm.

First class was by TY Bello. She shared her thought and work process regarding photography with a few key pointers.

Gtbank fashion weekend

Don’t hate me for not sharing, I lost the notepad I jotted all the good stuff in but trust me when I say her class was very insightful.

Street style was on fire! People definitely brought their A game. I was too busy taking it all in, I forgot to take pictures.

Gtbank fashion weekend

I had my outfits planned two days before the event. Day 1 was a white puffed sleeve shirt with denim and a denim playsuit for day 2.

Ebere my friend wasn’t having any if it. She insisted a wear the white shirt with my flare pants for day 1.

I’m happy I listened to her as I got loads of compliments.

I am wearing my brand Epiphany29 sewn by me. If you would like to place an order please send me a message or use the comment box below. I also made the dresses in these posts here & here.

Gtbank fashion weekend…Gtbank fashion weekend

Gtbank fashion weekend

Gtbank fashion weekend

Gtbank fashion weekend

Gtbank fashion weekend

Gtbank fashion weekend

Gtbank fashion weekend

Wearing flats was a no brainer for me. I wanted to have a lot of fun without the unnecessary discomfort that comes with wearing heels.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait for the runway show even though I had a pass and I didnt attend day 2. I was so exhausted from attending AFRIMMA on Friday and day 1 of the event.

Did you attend the event? What was your best part of it all?


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  1. Grace you are SUPER fantastic!!! Your style is simple yet so glamorous. I have watched you evolve and girl,you’re very impressive. Keep up the passion……… days ahead

  2. Thank God for friends like Ebere! The pants really made a statement and I’m glad you ditched the denim jeans.
    I’m still sad that we didn’t take a picture but like you said there are more events to come.
    GTB totally came through this year and I’m so looking forward to 2018’s FSHN WKND!

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