Your handbag is the most emotional purchase you make. It has to be just right- fashionable as well as functional”…

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Fabulousfindsng is an online instagram thrift store. They sell high street/luxury brands and unbranded fashion pieces.

Don’t fret at the”high street/luxury brands” part darlings, as their items are pocket friendly. They are a thrift store after all.

It was love at first sight with this two tone bag. I wear denim alot so I knew for certain this will be my everyday bag (Don’t judge me Desmond 😂).

I like to buy bags that suit my needs as well as my everyday style and Fabulousfingsng has all of that.

From work bags, to play bags to clutches for weddings & events, they got it all covered. The best part is, they are all affordable too.

I must commend their customer service as well. Very polite and helpful. They go the extra mile of helping you make a decision if need be.

Now,  to my outfit… 

For a girls day out, I opted for this little black number that has been in my wardrobe ever since I got it.

Asides from the fact that I love black, I wanted the focus to be on the bag and shoes (Tip).







I can’t begin to explain how good I felt with the way I looked. That’s not me being vain,  that’s me being comfortable in what I was wearing and loving it.  #MajorKey

So guys,  check out @fabulousfindsng on Instagram and cop yourselves a bag or two. Tell them Grace sent you*wink*

Bag – @fabuousfindsng

Dress – Thrifted

Shoes – Big sister

Neck piece – @pinsandclips

Kisses loves!!!

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34 thoughts on “Fabulousfindsng – Two Tone Bag & My Little Black Dress”

  1. Grace! Grace! Grace! How many times did I call you. This is too much slay for one person na. ahan!!!
    I love the two toNe bag. I am definitely going to check out the store.
    thanks for always serving us really hot posts. lol

  2. I love how clean this look is. You always keep it simple yet on point. That bag is a beautiful bag and the shoes are fire.

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